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Hand of Rel
Just a dude that likes to write and draw stuff. Se more of my work at
Just a dude that likes to write and draw stuff. Se more of my work at

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Oh man! Come January 16th, I'm buying #StreetFighterV just for #Sakura ^_^

Blitzed through #Dishonored2 Death of the Outsider. Wasn't into it in the beginning but the "Void Slash" is hella baller XD And the ending was really sweet :) Played on Low Chaos, as always. If this is how they end the Dishonored series, I think it's a good series finale :D

The #DoctorWhoXmas #Christmas special is airing soon! Still got to catch up, so time to binge watch the rest of the 12th Doctor's season, before he regenerates. Too bad it's not on Netflix anymore :/

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A #sketch that I did earlier this year, trying to design older Rel Rel.

Rewatching the 90s English Dub of #SailorMoon with my son and daughter. I don't remember the voice acting being this bad XD Especially the bad guys and Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune. Yikes! But, my babies seem to love it :)

I really need some #Fallout merch in my life! Like Tshirts and junk. I'd look so cool decked out in Fallout gear... Like Fallout 4, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas.

Oh man, working on a lot of stuff I can't show DX It's so cool though! It'll definitely be worth it when I can finally show it off :)

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I'm still riding that "not watching anything #StarWars the Last Jedi related" train. So far, so good! But man, is it everywhere! Just need... to hold out... a bit longer.

I got to get me one of those holiday popcorn tins with the different types of popcorn in it! It isn't Christmas without that, know what I'm sayin? Super Sayin! Popcorn is the reason for the season! My kids are going to love it :)
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