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Hananiel Sarella
Dad, husband, Technology enthusiast
Dad, husband, Technology enthusiast

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installed windows 8 on parallels on mac. AAARRRGGG!

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I was withholding opinion on Windows 8 ... I mean its microsoft they can buy their way through another 4 Vistas, but its telling nonetheless ...

Lately, I see a lot of fists shaking at God asking if God exists, why such carnage as Sandy Hook can happen. That is to me odd. The predominant word view of 21st century america being secular humanism with a hint of new age spiritualism to take off the edge, shouldn't the question be, "why the attention to sandy hook?". In a moral universe where the vanishing polar bear or more worthy of attention than starving, disease ridden african children, why does their wrongful death causes such hate against a god that is but a whim of ignorant imagination? See, in a universe where there is no good or bad, Sandy Hook is just a random event - like the breeze rustling the leaves. A random event in a chaotic universe devoid of all meaning. Thankfully, there is outrage. In a world inured to sickness and disease in the world there is outrage. But, in my opinion, it shouldn't be against God, but against our naive world view - that imagines the human mind capable of inventing its own morality and policing itself by it- in light of a world of evidence to the contrary. I think such evil proves its opposite (especially our gut feeling to it) - we yearn for the opposite of Sandy Hook. God is the definition of that opposite, only more in magnitude. He is the opposite of your own mild impulses to lie, to lust, to hate to kill, the sum total of all human injustice, avarice, abuse and hate. He is infinite love. He wishes for people to turn to him to be set free from this evil. Think about it.

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Started a giant purge of my Google circles - I realize I don't have any interest in 9 out of 10 bozos I some how collected into my friends circle. Have no Idea how Google plus attracts such a high concentration of technology absorbed punks that because they learned to write hello world in Perl or watched some one do it- think that makes them competent philosophers.

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I wonder if nudists have nightmares about being clothed in public?

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A new reason for curbing green house gasses and population control: Aliens!

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I guess there is a solution to every problem if you look hard enough....

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Excited about the global leadership summit tomorrow

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Editions is awesome on the ipad, as is flipboard and also kindle cloud app. win for ipad...
Flipboard sure has a lot of competition now on the iPad. Here's +Sol Lipman holding his team's new creation, AOL's Editions. He gave me a tour today, very nice. Some differences between it and Flipboard?

1. It doesn't use your social graph.
2. It has an end page (it's designed to be a "quick morning read").
3. It uses which is a company started by a Stanford PhD student, which visually parses web pages and shares what it finds via an API.
4. It learns as you use it.

What do you think? Is it a Flipboard killer? I don't think so, but I'm enjoying it so far.
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