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So I managed to plug my nexus 5 in the charger before I go to sleep (like I do every night), when I woke up, I reached for my phone tried to unplug it from the charger but it just wouldn't let me, I looked at the battery and it did not charge, that's when I knew something is up, I looked carefully and I realized that the plastic around the micro USB plug on the phone has melted completely. I managed to unplug it but now, it wouldn't charge nor connect to a PC so I can transfer the data. Please help what should I do to not lose any of the data???
Please note that I ONLY use LG nexus 5 Charger.

Ps. The phone is currently turned off in order to maintain battery life.
Any help would highly be appreciated! Thanks 

Am losing my mind here!! Could anyone please tell me why is my nexus 4 still stuck on jelly bean build number jwr66n?? And it keeps asking me to update to jelly bean, I already am running JB. Could anyone help me with this issue ?

Anyone knows why my Nexus 4 is stuck on build number (JWR66N) jelly bean ?

It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it's even harder to give up when you think it's everything you want.

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Am currently running Android Paranoid, do I need to flash gapps every time an update is available? 

anyone knows a step by step for flashing Paranoid Android from AOKP on nexus 4, JB 4.2.1, Mako, JOP40D ???

Ps. am a mac user...

so I have been using AOKP rom on my nexus 4, somehow comparing to other ROM'S i figured it drains my battery more often, so I decided I back up my data and flash a new ROM... yet the only issue is am confused whether to go with ParanoidAndroid, Xylon, or CM10.1 ?? Please share with me your opinion ....

does anyone how can I set my #nexus4   settings to Tablet mode (1000p), and set the User Interface Size to 250 DPI  ??
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