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Hamburg Trading House FZE

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Hamburg Trading House participated on the Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Hamburg Trading House is now “IKTVA” compliant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

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Tribomar Test Equipment
Lubricants need to be tested time to time for purity and
quality. Tribomar test equipment are
made so that tests can be done directly on board the vessel. Performing test can
save your marine vessel from up to millions of dollars in damages. Testing can

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Shell Alexia S6
Looking for Shell
marine products for two-stroke low speed diesel engines? Newer marine
vessels are engineered to perform at slow steaming speeds. Shell has developed
a product to meet your changing needs – the Shell Alexa oils. Shell Alexia S6 is designed ...

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Shell Alexia S3
When it comes to marine engines, it is very critical to
select the best grade of Shell marineproducts. For a cleaner engine and longer oil and component life, Shell
Argina oils should be used. They form fewer deposits as a result of the thermal
and asphalte...

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What is Shell Melina S30?
In choosing Shellmarine lubricants , you need to check on several essential elements. A
high-performance multifunctional lubricant, Shell Melina is designed for
low-speed marine diesel engines. It can improve engine operation and
reliability by neutralising...

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Shell Argina Effeciency
Ship owners can choose from a bevy of Shell marine lubricants in the market. Choose a product line that can deliver optimum value through high
system efficiency. Shell Argina is
used for highly rated, medium-speed diesel engines operating on residual fuel.

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Shell Gadinia Advantage
Getting your oil right is the key to keep your equipment
running smoothly and enable it to deliver a better performance. Shell Gadinia is classified as a
premium quality, multifunctional diesel engine lubricant. It provides superior wear
protection and syst...
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