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Halloween In Germany (Pumpkins And Decoration)
Halloween, Pumpkins, Carving
Halloween, Pumpkins, Carving

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Since I am not able to update this side as frequently as I planned to, please follow this collection to see my latest carvings .... Sorry and Thx for understanding

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Carvings for this year almost completed 
Halloween Pumpkins 2013
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Long time abstinence from this side... But now since there is not too much time til halloween 2013 ... We need to start to work on the scary stuff...
Any suggestions ? I want to do something else ... not just pumpkin carving ... 


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One of my 2012 carvings

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I'am still working on it ...

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Hope it's not to late and I can finish my this year Halloween Project in time.

First steps started
Halloween 2012 Project
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This is a must

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Planning my halloween theme for this year... Suggestions anybody ? I would also appreciate scary decorating hints... I' m plannig my first monster probs this year but still no idea ....

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Happy New Year! 2012 will be a great year for Halloween!

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