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Many years ago I watched (2010) for the first time. Back then I had high expectations and, well, I was honestly let down. I thought the movie was acceptable, but anywhere near great. I gave it a 7. A barely 7. A pity 7.

Then yesterday I saw a GIF-set on Tumblr, of a great scene featuring the artist Eve - and I wondered where it was from. As it turned out, it was from - which I had forgotten everything about - and I instantly decided I really needed to rewatch And so I did, tonight. is a movie about a single event that somehow spread to involve four great friends. The story is told through the eyes of each of the four friends. Rewatching the movie I honstly questioned what the fuck was wrong me the first time around, when I back then only thought it was worth a 7 - and that I tought that was generous. This is a movie with a four amazing, and amazingly different, characters - with every single character being a complete, and complex, individual. The story is at the level of Snatch. (2000) - but more importantly, the portayal of the characters and the telling of the story is simply great. Sure the movie got flaws, but the characters and their depth fully make up for it.

This is an interesting movie. This is a different movie. This is a movie with many, many amazing scenes - and four amazing characters. It is a movie that I truly doubt my own sanity for not loving the first time around. Not bad - at all.

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