Partly Brilliant - Review of The Day of the Doctor (spoiler-free)
I just finished watching the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special and I thought I'd write down my initial (spoiler-free) thoughts before rewatching it. (Note: I try to write this review spoiler free but you might not understand it if you haven't watched the episode.)

Overall The Day of the Doctor was better than I had dared hope for - but to be honest I didn't dare to hope for much. It had parts which might be among my absolute favorite parts of the whole series and then it had parts which was more 'meh' than anything.

I fell completely in love with almost every scene with John Hurt and Billie Piper (especially the scenes with no one else in them); those were truly amazingly written and executed. As for the scenes with David Tennant then they were generally at the level we were used to from the David Tennant era - and that wasn't a bad era at all. The scenes with Matt Smith wasn't bad - but didn't really shine either.

As for Jenna-Louise Coleman's scenes then these might not at first seem like much - but afterwards when thinking about it, Oswin's part was MAJOR; she created a connection and overall commentary between the Doctors which the episode probably would have felt segmented without.

All in all, I loved the episode. Yes, it had a bit many parts which seemed like just plain fan-service and it wasn't as dark as I had hoped, but John Hurt and Billie Piper, and how their parts were written, were simply brilliant.

Now for rewatching The Day of the Doctor - this time in HD and without the 10+ BBC iPlayer crashes.

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