Surprisingly Great - Review of Camp Takota
In addition to today being the premiere of season 2 of House of Cards it was also the premiere of the movie Camp Takota (2014). I felt split between which of the two to watch first but I ended up going with Camp Takota and I'm glad I did.

Camp Takota is a movie made by YouTube's Holy Trinity, +Grace Helbig, +Hannah Hart, and +Mamrie Hart. I have to admit that these three were the sole reason I wanted to the see Camp Takota and I honestly didn't expect the movie to be more than just acceptable. I was wrong.

Camp Takota is a good, solid movie; and more than that, it is a movie that doesn't feel like most other movies. The specialness of the movie lies in the details and the way an otherwise ordinary tale is told. Camp Takota radiates both endearing familiarity as well as a delightful special Camp Takota charm which comes together and takes the movie from good to great.

I, for one, am completely surprised by Camp Takota. My low hopes got put to shame by what turned out to be a great movie. Definitely a movie I can recommend, especially if you like the humor of either of +Grace Helbig (, +Hannah Hart (, or +Mamrie Hart ( on YouTube.

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