Watching Invisible Sister and Rambling
Netflix has begun suggesting better and better movies for me, so when it earlier this week suggested Invisible Sister (2015) I added it to my list without a second look. Now tonight I had the time to watch a movie and I chose Invisible Sister. Though, I will be watching it while writing down my rambling stream of consciousness.

Here we go...

- - -

Okay, I honestly have no idea what this movie is about; but let's find out...

Ah, I see - Disney Channel - that's why Netflix suggested it to me.

Voice-over already. Sure, can work.

Aw, it is already sad. Like, really sad - in a profound and interesting kind of way. Damn, I'm actually impressed.

Not a bad science teacher at all.

Is it just me or are Disney Channel movies getting better at dialogue?


Aw. Popular sis actually feels bad nerdy sis won't hang with popular sis and her friends.

Popular sis is a lacrosse player? Cool.

Shit, these parents aren't exactly great at understanding (or respecting)(or appreciating) their kids; or rather, their not-popular kid.

Side note: This movie has had a farting hamster in the background of several scenes so far.

Ah, I think I know where this is going. Invisibility!

Holy fucking shit. Nerdy sis is awesome at chasing an invisible animal. If this girl had been up against the Predator, things would have been a lot different.


Ah, I see, this is a Halloween movie.

How doesn't she notice she can't see her hands? Or any other part of her body? Oh, alcohol - she's hungover.

I like how quickly they figured out how the popular sis actually turned invisible.

I actually like this.

Oh, popular sis is a jock - and she's dedicated to her sport and team. Admirable.

HOLD ON A SECOND! THEY ARE IN NEW ORLEANS?!?!? You know, the place where I'm flying to TOMORROW! I don't believe in destiny - but this is perfect for my last movie before I head to New Orleans.

Again with the characters, dialogue, and acting being more than just acceptable. What is up with Disney Channel movies recently?

Cars without drivers is not that extraordinary anymore.

As stupid premise as any Disney Channel movie - but the execution is almost flawless.

I'm honestly jealous that these kids can go to school with costumes on.


Shit. Truth-bunnying makes me tear up.

Wait, how did popular sis create such a place of solitude and safeness? This is freaking awesome, heartfelt, and moving. :-')

Callback to the ridiculous looking pants that one side character were wearing in that one scene earlier.

Giant bear flirting with curly haired guy in lab coat.

Another giant awww moment. This movie!

Damn. Popular sis says that sport is a source of feeling accepted and supported for her. This movie keeps surprising me with good and honest ways of presenting these girls' various different interests.

Okay, not all actors in this movie are good. Luckily the ones that matter are amazing.

Cliche - but acceptable.

Another important point. Having people think you accomplished something is nothing compared to actually accomplishing that thing yourself.

So the popular sis is the one feeling inferior and unwanted, having to prove herself to the nerdy sis. Damn.


It even got some great messages thrown in there - completely appropriate in the context of the movie.

First bad plot point; the sexy guy is their only hope.

These sisters supporting each other is awesome.

Popular sis's boyfriend is stupid but understanding. At least that's some.

"What are you wearing?" actually asked as an honest question. The answer: "I'm honey."

I like the hinted at zombie side story.

New Orleans style of steamer - a trumpet.

Popular sis's boyfriend is stupid - but extremely accepting. Heck, he even accepts to stay with his girlfriend if she is invisible.

Popular sis sacrificed herself in order for her sister's brilliance to be recognized.

:'-) :'-) :'-)

Her parents finally see her. :'-)

They all see and appreciate each other. :'-)

This was a surprisingly great movie. Damn.

- - -

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