Watching Mean Girls and Rambling
You know the drill - I watch a movie I write down my rambling stream of consciousness. This time I'm watching Mean Girls (2004) which I last watched when it came out.



I feel like I should start this with a battle cry like "FOR TUMBLR!" or something...

Awwww! Shit, I'm already liking this.

Man fighting the dinosaurs? And the homosexuals?

The Lohan girl is looking pretty youngHOLY SHIT, WAS THAT A BUS?!?!

Is that Tina Fey? This is already looking up.

The first bad acting isn't even from Lohan. Surprise, surprise.

"Too gay to function"? Is that even a thing? [Suppressing urge to tag a certain subset of gay friends]

From "eww" to "that's beautiful" in 2 seconds. Well done.

Sex = death. I remember this part... I mean, from the last time I watched the movie.

Chest bumping a ball. Nice.

The devil played by... Regina George! (No surprise.)

I wonder how accurate this movie portray US high school.

Telling someone to shut up who isn't saying anything.

I am all of a sudden understanding so many memes and sayings from Tumblr.

Holy chinchilla, this movie is hilarious.

That scene made something in my brain break a little bit.

How can one character be portrayed as so stupid and so brilliant at the very same time?

WHAT THE FUCK?!?! AMY POEHLER? This movie has both comedy queens.

Calling someone an "axe wound" as an insult? Perfect!

This movie gets better and better (I say as another Tina Fey scene is making me loud out aloud).

October 3rd!

Dumbing down yourself for a boy? Not the way to go.

That is one foxy Catwoman.

"That's a scary mask, bro." - THAT'S HER FACE!

Army of Skanks? Army of Darkness sequel?

I like the weird, sudden Africa animal kingdom references.

"Moved to Indiana" apparently means "doesn't exist anymore."

Epic moment which I've seen thousands of times in GIFs on Tumblr.

What? The song "Beautiful" is this old?

Hubba hubba hubba.

How can this be parody of a TV phenomenon that only began years later? Am I getting my US timeline mixed up?

Is that where "stop making X happen; it's not going to happen" came from? This movie surely is the origin of life.

They are using that song again? Not that I complain - though it makes me want to rewatch Coyote Ugly.

Those are not skirts; those are napkins cut in half.


What does 'half a virgin' mean? What does 'virgin' mean?

No, why did you stop her? I wanted to see her put her whole fist in her mouth.

"Everyone in Africa can read Swedish." WHY IS THIS THE FIRST I HEAR OF THIS?!?!?

YEAH! Tina Fey tells the truth!

More US teenage stereotypes.

CDs! So retro.

They are insulting the word "awesome"; how dare they?

What does "fugly" even mean?

Regina George gives the devil a run for his money.

Ooh, the statutory rapist has fled the school property? Oh, how terrible. /s

There it is - the legendary scene. Epic.

This movie has some very necessary messages. Unfortunately more necessary today than in 2004.

Oh, here it comes... The scene!

OH FUCK! I knew it was coming but I still screamed.

Why is attempted murder a joke in high school?

Marijuana tablets?


The music is pretty damn great.

Why the hell is this movie still so relevant today? Was it even relevant in 2004?

Stop it! I will not cry because of a prom queen speech!

Who wrote this? IT IS AMAZING!

Shark Tank?

Triple murder?

The end. Fucking amazing movie!


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