Moving and Interesting - Review of I Am Jazz
This evening I've watched two things called I Am Jazz - one was a documentary from 2011 and the other was a reality-TV show from 2015 - both about the same family. The former is amazing, moving, and interesting. The latter is an obnoxious, manipulative, and fabricated take on the life of a good, decent family. Needless to say, I like one way, way more than the other.

I Am Jazz is an insight into the life of a young transgender girl named Jazz and her loving and supporting family. We first meet Jazz at age 10 and then in the documentary see Jazz turning 11 and starting puberty and the challenges that comes herewith for a transgender child. It is an interesting, extremely relevant, and very interesting look into the life of a young transgender girl who has the full support, understanding, and love of her family. It is very moving insight and one I'm glad I stumbled upon. The way the look into this family's life is presented is quite well done in the documentary, but slightly (if not more) disrespectful and manipulative in the reality-TV series (as one would expect). The fact that the TV series distorts reality so much, in order to create nonexistent drama, is a shame since the real story is way more interesting and moving. Luckily the truth shines through and we get to see the support and obstacles that Jazz and her family experience.

Seeing a transgender girl with such a such degree of understanding of who she is, and the confidence to be who she is all the way through, is a comfort in a world where so many people have to go through so much hardship in order to be true to themselves and show the world who they are. Spreading understanding and acceptance (not just tolerance) is important and Jazz is absolutely helping doing so, even if she sometimes worries if she is worthy of being that kind of role model or posterchild.

I Am Jazz is a moving and interesting peek into a world that a lot of us rarely think about. It is an insight into a world that is still changing for the better, with more and more people understanding and embracing that not all people are the same and that this is not a bad thing. Thank you to Jazz and her family for sharing their lives with us.

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