The Best Period Drama Ever - Review of Little Women.
I haven't written a review in a very, very long time; though, this evening, I decided to give the first part of the 3-part mini-series Little Women (2017), based on the 1868 novel of the same name, a shot and I ended up watching the whole mini-series in one sitting since I simply couldn't tear myself away from it. Yes, it was simply that amazing and captivating - and I felt I had to write a few words about it.

Little Women (2017) is a mini-series about a Massachusetts family in the late 1800s, with the main focus being on the 4 daughters of the family and their intertwined and separate lives.
This definitely didn't sound like something up my alley - but it was on my "I need to watch this"-list for some reason (I don't remember adding it to the list) so I kinda "had" to watch it; and so I did - and I'm so happy that I did.

Little Women is a phenomenal mini-series with some of the best characters I've seen in a long time. All 5 of the main characters (the 4 daughters and their mother) were so incredibly amazingly written and portrayed that I couldn't help but care deeply for all of them and be completely invested in their lives.

These characters were so different from anything I've ever seen in a period drama before that it truly took me by surprise that I suddenly found myself so deeply invested in them. They all felt so real - and at the same time so unique and understandable that I couldn't help but feel intensely connected to all of them. When they were happy, I was happy. When they hurt, I hurt. When they were divided, I was divided. What they felt, I felt. That is, without a doubt, a heck of an achievement for any series/movie to accomplish - but Little Women did just that.

The writing, and especially the dialogue, of Little Women is so profoundly brilliant, snappy, captivating, and poetic that I found myself repeating some of the lines out loud, right after hearing them. All lines felt true to the characters, but at the same time still relevant today. Managing this in a period drama isn't something I would ever have expected to be possible - but Little Women managed to do just that.

One character I especially have to highlight is the eldest sister, Jo March, who perhaps can be considered the main character of Little Women among the handful of main characters. The character of Jo is different, interesting, very relatable (for me), strong, caring, heartfelt, and a whole lot of other things all at once. The way Jo is written is astonishing refreshing, while at the same time feeling "overdue", as in characters like her should have been something we'd seen more of by now in media, but haven't (which is kinda weird since the original concept for this character was written in the 1800s, but still being refreshing to see today). Also, Jo was flawlessly and calculatingly portrayed by actress Maya Hawke, whose brilliant performance I felt like had to mean that Maya had a bunch of other great movies/series under her belt before this. Nope - apparently Little Women was Maya's first ever credited movie/series (her only other one being Ladyworld (2018) - currently in production). So bravo to Maya for making her introduction to the film world with, without a doubt, one of the top performances I've seen in years.

I could easily say a lot more about Little Women and all the amazing aspects of it - but I think I'll stop here.
I never imagined that a period drama could fully captivate me - but that was exactly what Little Women did - and so much more. Little Women was such an profoundly breathtakingly amazing mini-series that I never fully can put into words; but this was my attempt of doing so. Thank you, Little Women. :'-)
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