Impressive Despite Flaws - Review of Unfriended
A long time I heard about a movie called Cybernatural with a very "hip" method of storytelling, in that the whole movie takes place on a single computer screen, with a group Skype video chat being the main thing telling the story. I've seen several movies (including several short films) with pretty much the exact same way of telling their story - but this one felt worth giving a shot as well. As it turned out, it was.

Cybernatural (2014), more commonly known as Unfriended, is one impressive movie - pretty much entirely because of the way it tells its story. Yes, this way of telling a story have been done many, many times before - but I feel like Unfriended did it better than most, if not all, previous attempts at this new art (yes, perhaps even better than Maisie Williams' Cyberbully (2015), despite that one being a great movie as well - probably even better than Unfriended). I'm not sure there's much story to Unfriended, but the little they had, they truly did something great with. The subtleties make the movie; big time.

Yes, Unfriended has its flaws - plenty of them to say the least (of the "that's not how it works" kind). Small details - like a Facebook photo of two girls being on an automatic "friendship" wall for those two girls, while Facebook still asking "who are this person?" - kind of bugged me. It would have been so easy to fact check these things, with no influence on the movie at all (other than it being slightly more realistic). These kinds of flaws are almost forgivable in usual movies, but when the whole concept of the movie is that it takes place on a computer screen, then I can't really forgive that many technical mistakes. It was like the movie kept whispering "this is not real" to me over and over again. 

The flaws of Unfriended were mostly technical and I did very much enjoy the movie. The acting was superb, with every single character feeling real. The movie focused on the individual characters, and who they were, instead of the horror aspect. Or, did I forget to mention that? Unfriended is supposedly a horror movie. I'd rather say that this is a brilliantly disguised thriller. Nothing wrong with horror, but I was simply too intrigued by the movie, and interesting in all the small details, for me to realise that I was supposed to be watching a horror film. Also, not the least bit scary - though that isn't a bad thing; because, damn, this was one very interesting movie - if you paid attention to the details; those were kind of the best part of the movie.

To my surprise, I have quite a lot to say about this movie, so I'll try to wrap it up. Though, before I end this review, I have to mention the score. Scores of horror flicks are usually either tacky, terrible, or both. This time it was a little different - as the score itself was incorporated into the movie's plot - and actually in a way that worked, both in not being out of place and in actually having part in the story, even if only a tiny bit. The way the background music was connected to the movie was that it at first functioned as a tiny insight into the main character as a reflection of her and her mental state (unase, mostly) - and then later on the music (and the way it was included) played a small, though not insignificant, part in the situation's effect on the main character. Overall, the way the score was handled was, frankly put, brilliant (though the same approach wouldn't work for other movies).

Unfriended is a special kind of movie. It has it's flaws, sure, but they are all pretty much just technical stuff, which most people might not even notice. Though, with me noticing the bad smaller details, I also noticed the amazing smaller details and twists; and there sure were a lot of those. I won't go into details, but the people who made (edited?) Unfriended certainly did know something about subtlety - and they used it brilliant. So many good details that, once again, you had to pay close attention to notice at all. I like movies that reward viewers for paying close attention - and Unfriended is actually one of those kinds of movie, despite not looking like it at first.

Okay, I'll stop now. Unfriended was not even the slightest bit of scary, but it was a great thriller with so many interesting aspects that I don't even mind it being promoted as a horror flick. Intriguing movie, great acting, technical flaws, perfect score, and overall an amazing experience. Unfriended is definitely worth a damn.

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