Heartbreakingly Beautiful - Review of ReMoved
Watch first - then read.

I have honestly never in my life experienced a movie that hit me so hard and so fast as the short film ReMoved (2013). Words cannot possibly describe what happened to me when I randomly starting watching ReMoved right after watching a couple of funny YouTube videos. It was simply that amazing.

ReMoved is the first ever short film that I've given 10/10 on IMDb (ratings.reschat.com). It is deeply emotional and it is so heartbreakingly beautifully written that I never imagined something like this possible. It is poetry and real life in one. I'm at a loss for words, but not for tears.

This might seem like too big words for some, but this movie is honestly, by my definition, a masterpiece - something I believe I've only ever said about one single movie before (Maidentripgoo.gl/tPxG8V). ReMoved is that good.

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