Fucking Awesome - Review of The Final Girls
This evening I watched The Final Girls (2015) - one of those movies I years ago knew I wanted to watch, when it still was in early production stages, but which I still didn't manage to avoid spoilers (aka. trailers) for. Here's the thing though - the spoilers only managed to harm the first 20-ish minutes of the movie, and didn't stop the beginning of the movie from impressing the shit out of me. And as for the rest of the movie? I loved it even more.

The Final Girls is a kind of comedy horror flick turned upside-down in the best way possible. I urge you to avoid any kind of trailers or teasers or reviews (like this one) about the movie in order to fully enjoy it (advice I give about every single movie you've already decided you want to watch). This movie is a perfect storm of meta horror comedy flick goodness. Not perfect - but damn close.

It's like The Cabin in the Woods (2012) meets Last Action Hero (1993) meets a clever story with heart. It is weird. It is entertaining. It is moving. It is (almost) scary. And it is very much a breath of fresh air in an otherwise creatively exhausted genre - the horror comedy. The characters, even the ones supposed to be stereotypical and fake, all feel real, interesting, fitting for the story, and with a lot more depth than one would ever expect from any horror comedy. Not only is the movie self-aware about what kind of movie it is - it actually uses this awareness to its benefit. The premise works and - almost even better - the premise is not overused.

I don't even mind using the comparison again - The Final Girls is like a more humor-focused The Cabin in the Woods, with a (way) different twist that isn't really a twist (again, in the same way as The Cabin in the Woods). It's meta. It's self aware. It's fucking awesome! Also, I don't recall The Cabin in the Woods making me tear up - but The Final Girls definitely managed to do so.

The Final Girls is entertaining, interesting, captivating, and moving. It didn't manage to add "scary" to the list - but, heck, you can't really have it all. I loved the movie and can highly recommend it - especially to people who love meta movies or horror comedies or just good movies in general. Because this is one damn great movie.

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