A Work of Art - Review of The Best Offer
The last movie on my to-watch list from 2013 that actually was released in 2013 was The Best Offer (La migliore offerta) and today I finally got around to watching it. Damn! Why is it that I waited with the best movie from 2013 to watch last? Because The Best Offer is the very best.

When I today noticed The Best Offer on my to-watch list I had no idea what it was and how it ended up on my list; and even after watching it I still don't remember ever hearing about it before. Nonetheless I am very glad this movie crossed my path because it is damn close to a masterpiece. It has beautiful aesthetics, thrilling suspense, endless wonder, and a story which kept me glued to screen the whole movie through while the world around me disappeared. I completely fell in love with this movie.

The Best Offer is a movie with superb acting, writing, and storytelling. It is a movie that planted itself in my head and stayed there after the movie finished. A movie I strongly can recommend.

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