Awesomely Entertaining - Review of Guardians of the Galaxy
I always look forward to new Marvel movies, but most of the time I know pretty much what to expect; this time I wasn't quite sure. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) was a part of the Marvel universe I knew nothing about other than was shown in the greatly entertaining trailer, so I was curious what it would be. As it turned out, Guardians of the Galaxy was possibly the most entertaining sci-fi movie I've ever watched; simply amazing.

The story was good and not unnecessarily complex; the characters were colorful and interesting; the action was thrilling and entertaining; the humor was utterly hilarious; and the movie was overall everything I could ever hope for in a non-drama sci-fi movie.

This might well be my new favorite Marvel movie (sorry, Winter Soldier, you are still amazing, which is why I watched you twice in the past week). Everything in Guardians of the Galaxy simply came together to make a near-masterpiece of an action sci-fi movie. Thank you very much, +James Gunn.

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