Watching Dead Snow 2 and Rambling
Since it is Friday the 13th today I thought I'd grab a few beers and find a fitting horror flick on Netflix. As it turns out, Netflix has Død snø 2 (aka. Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead)(2014). I loved the first movie so it is time to watch the sequel and write down my rambling stream of consciousness throughout the movie.

Here we go...

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Woohoo, Dead Snow 2!!!

I loved the first one. Here's hoping the second one isn't pure garbage.

Wait... why is he speaking English?

Summary of the first movie. With a lot of the gore.

Leaving off from literally the second the first movie ended.

Not bad nazi zombie action.

WHAT? Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of a nazi zombie? Yep, not a good idea.

Again, why are they speaking English and not Norwegian?

Wait, are they going where I think they are going?

OH MY FUCKING GOD! Nazi zombie arm!

Cool. And gross.

You are a wizard, Harry evil nazi zombie commander.

Okay, subtitles turned on now. I had no idea what the nazi zombie doctor were saying. 

Apparently there are no subtitles for that mumbling zombie German gibberish.

(Post movie note: I didn't see a single subtitle throughout the whole movie, even though I had them turned on.)

He looks a whole lot like Red Skull.

Jesus apparently can't help.

Argh. That is the worst attempt at CPR I have ever seen.

"It's not what it looks like" he says as he is holding the kid's heart in his hand.

Default iPhone ring tone is heard.

Ha! "I don't speak the language of Thor" he says in response to the Norwegian guy saying no words.

He is just a kid playing a game, right?

Half right. Just a group of huge nerds.

The writers clearly didn't google "CDC Zombie Preparedness" before writing this.

Calling out the stupidity of daylight saving time. I like it.

Norway is Endor? And expected to be Hoth?

<cookie break> Om nom nom </cookie break>

Commentary on the Norwegian gun control... from a bunch of Americans.

I doubt any museum would have a swastika filling up a whole wall.

Nazi zombie attack!

Interesting use of a guy's intestines.

This is a lot like Iron Sky. Only slightly less over the top.

DAMN! Super-powered nazi zombie arm.

Lazarus squared.

Nazi zombie tank on the loose.

Are they seriously going to create a communist zombie army in order to defeat a nazi zombie army?

Are the kids going to die?

Apparently so.

Gory scene after gory scene.

Gory humor - that actually makes me laugh. I like this.

I like that some of Norwegian actors can't speak English for shit. It kinds of makes the whole thing better.

What is a "little Norwegian man pussy"? Do I even want to know?

Everyone shh-ing the Star Wars nerd.

Hint, hint, hint. Yes, guy, you are the live bait.

It's okay. The zombie is just carsick.

This kind of reminds me of the (Oscar nominated?) tank movie Fury.

The gay distraction worked.

Wait, is she throwing those bombs hundreds of meters?

Blowing people up and then chanting "USA!" - That seems VERY familiar.

What just happened cannot and should never be put into words.

How to wake up an army of Russian communist zombies: Punch the ground. Hard.

This does not seem like a good idea at all.

I guess this is going to be the little, quiet, unsuspecting Norwegian village that will be the battlefield of the war between the nazi zombie army vs. the Russian communist zombie army. Oh, and the Norwegian police is there too.

That is the best scene ever of anyone trying to kick in a door. (Spoiler: He failed.)

I like whenever a zombie army is the solution and not the problem. Well, a different zombie army is the problem, but stil...

The Norwegian police was certainly not prepared for this.

That is one creative Nazi zombie doctor.

Boss battle! Nazi zombie army commander vs. Russian communist zombie army commander.

Those zombie squad nerds are more effective than I had expected.

Okay, now time for the real boss battle. Nazi zombie commander with super powers vs human in green tracksuit.

Star Wars chick and other nerdy chick sure know how to kill nazi zombies.

Oh no. The obvious gay guy was just about to announce that he was an obvious gay guy.

Here it comes... BOOOOOM, HEADSHOT!!!

And yet another Star Wars reference.

Why did I get a sudden urge to rewatch Jurassic Park?

What is this? How are they ending this movie?

With Total Eclipse of the Heart and digging up the grave of an old girlfriend? Sure.

Zombie girlfriend? Well, it is Valentines Day in a few hours after all.

Oh. Zombie sex. Argh. Well... still more romantic than 50 Shades of Abuse.

The end. This was rather good. Not in the same way as the first movie, but definitely not bad.

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