This Is Art - Review of World of Tomorrow
(Alternatively titled: "What?")

Netflix suggested the short film World of Tomorrow (2015) to me, which apparently is nominated for an Oscar, so I decided to give a shot. Damn - that was one heck of a ride.

It wasn't so much that the movie aspect of the movie itself was in any way impressive concerning anything other than the script and voice acting. To be frank, the visuals of the movie were downright terrible - but in a weird way I actually think that this might have helped the movie in making me feeling at unease - and, boy, did the movie manage to achieve that to a profound level.

World of Tomorrow is the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared of Oscar-worthy animated short films. It is disturbing, if you pay close attention. It is moving, if you allow yourself to empathize with someone who don't express emotions themselves. It is captivating, if you let yourself accept the absurd premise. It is interesting, if you care for the quirky style of storytelling and different sci-fi universe. It is funny, if you can enjoy that unique kind of morbidly absurd humor. It is clever, if you see the structure in the madness. It is one damn great movie, if you ask me.

World of Tomorrow is a remarkable piece of art. Some people will see something special in it and love it, while others won't get much from it. I, for one, love this piece of art - as absurd as it might be.

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