Priceless - Review of Space Milkshake
From the very moment I watched Space Milkshake Movie Trailer I have been looking forward to watching Space Milkshake (2012). Tonight became the night where it finally happened. Wow; just wow.

Space Milkshake is surprisingly captivating. It is absolutely hilarious with its own peculiar kind of humor; but in addition to being entertaining it is also intriguing and overall a great experience.

This is the kind of movie that I now regret not writing down my rambling stream of consciousness while watching - because that would have been perfect. For fuck sake, the name of the space station sounds like "Vagina", the villain is a rubber duck, and the robot's serial port is in her vagina. How in the world did I watch this without writing down my commentary? At one point I even verbally spewed out the words "this is the best sci-fi movie since Alien" (not true, but live-commentary-worthy).

I think it is obvious how magnificent a movie Space Milkshake is. Heck, it is a just plain stupid movie; stupidly amazing movie, that is. Watch it! (And preferably not while being sober; no, absolutely not while being sober.)

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