Oddly Excellent - Review of Odd Thomas
Only a few seconds into the trailer for Odd Thomas (2013) I stopped it and decided that this was the kind of movie which I'd like to watch not knowing anything about the plot. A wise decision I might say.

Odd Thomas is an odd movie. In the beginning I thought the movie had its fair share of questionable moments but as soon as I gave in and simply began to enjoy it something changed. It went from being silly to being interesting, captivating, hilarious, and even moving. The movie just kept getting better and better and by the end I had slightly fallen in love with it.

I don't think I should say much more - perhaps other than that Anton Yelchin rocked the main part, alongside Addison Timlin and Willem Dafoe who both also were great.

Odd Thomas is an excellent movie even though it being several degrees of odd. Its oddness reminded me a little of the series Pushing Daisies and I can highly recommend both. Well worth a watch.

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