While lying awake, not being able to fall asleep, an idea for a story - or rather a video series - popped into my head, so I wrote it down. I call it:


Video 1 *[Week 1]*
[Matt hiding behind corner of building]
Matt [to the camera]: Hi, I’m Matt; and I’m going to punch my friend James.
[Shows James on camera while still hiding behind the corner]
Matt [to the camera]: Here we go.
[Matt runs out and punches James on the shoulder]
James: Aw, what the fuck, dude?!?!
Matt: HA! You just got punched!
James:  WTF, Matt?!?!
[Matt is laughing his ass off]
Matt [to the camera]: Hashtag PunchingMyFriendJames
James: Wait… WHAT?!?!
[Video cuts off]

Video 2 *[Week 3]*
[Matt is once again hiding]
Matt [whispering]: Hi, I’m Matt; and I’m gonna punch my friend James.
[Pans camera to show James, from the back, sitting on bench eating ice cream]
[Matt sneaks up on James while giggling]
[Matt slaps James on the back of his head so that James drops his ice cream]
James: [Shrill short scream]
Matt [laughing his ass off]: Haha! Got you, sucker! You screamed like a little girl.
James: Dude, this is not funny.
Matt [to the camera]: Hashtag PunchingMyFriendJames
James [not shown on camera]: Dude, that was a slap, not a punch [Video cuts off]

Video 3 *[Week 4]*
[You know the drill - Matt hiding and talking to the camera]
Matt [to the camera]: Hi. Matt here. My friend James is talking with this girl and I am going to punch him.
[Pans camera to James talking to a girl - showing them from the side]
Matt [whispering]: 3… 2… 1.
[Matt runs towards James, but James sees him coming]
James: Dude, fuck no. Not again.
[James holds his hands up, Matt pushes James’ arm to the side, ducks down, and punches James - hitting his butt cheek]
James: Aw, you punched me in the butt!
[Matt has completely lost it, lying on the ground laughing his ass off]
James: Matt, you gotta to stop doing this.
[Girl looks confused but then giggles a little]
Matt [still on the ground, laughing]: See, even your girlfriend thought it was funny.
James: She’s not my girlfr… oh, for fuck sake, Matt.
[Matt tries to stop laughing long enough to point the camera at himself]
Matt [to the camera]: Hashtag PunchingMyFriend James… IN THE BUTT!
[Matt continues laughing as the video cuts off]

Video 4 *[Week 5]*
[Matt talking to the camera on a street with people around]
Matt [to the camera]: I’m Matt and it is time to punch my friend James.
[Points camera down the street where James in walking away from where Matt is]
[Matt walks fast towards James and right before reaching him..]
Matt: JAMES!
James: What? [James turns around]
[Matt punches James in the stomach]
[James bows down in pain just as a bike is passing him, making the bike crash into James]
James: ARHGW!!!
[James is lying on the ground along with the bike guy. James looks very confused but seeming unharmed]
Matt [giggling hesitantly]: Nah, you’re fine. Ha… Haha. I got you good.
[Matt turns to camera, James in view behind him]
Matt [laughing]: Hashtag PunchingMyFriendJames.
[Behind Matt, James is helping the bike guy up]
[A little blood is dripping from James’ head; he wipes it off with his hand, looks at it and then looks at Matt]
James [hold out his hand with blood on it towards Matt]: Not funny. I’m bleeding, dude.
Matt: Oh… [Video cuts off]

Video 5 *[Week 5, same day]*
[Matt turns on the camera in a hospital hallway]
Matt [to the camera]: Matt here again. A hot nurse is looking at James because he got a little scratch. Look.
[While hiding from around the corner, Matt holds the camera into the room where James is]
[A nurse is leaving the room as a doctor enters]
Doctor: Mr. Sherman, your x-ray came back and your accident didn’t cause any skull fracture. We did however notice some smaller irregularities which we’d like to perform some other tests concerning.
[Matt bursts into room and runs over and places a punch on James’ shoulder]
Matt [laughing]: HA! Two in one day! Got ya’!
James: Dude, not the time. GET OUT!
Matt: Okay, okay. Ease up, man.
[Matt is laughing as he exits the room - points camera to himself]
Matt [to the camera]: Hashtag PunchingMyFriendJames.
[Camera points to ground as if Matt thinks it is off]
Matt [talking to himself]: He’s okay. Just a small scratch. He’ll laugh about this later. Oh, the camera is still [Video cuts off]

Video 6 *[Week 9]*
[Once again in a hospital hallway; Matt talking to the camera]
Matt [to the camera]: Matt here. Sorry for the lack of videos; things have been going on. Do however not despair - for I am now going to punch my friend James…
Matt [softly, mostly to himself]: He needs a little cheering up.
[Matt sneaks up to hospital room and storms in]
Matt [cheerfully]: Ready or not, here I come!
[With his back to the door James is standing by the window with a medical machine which is connected to James’ forearm with a tube. James has lost his hair and is looking weak and pale]
[As James turns around he has a sad expression on his face, but as soon as he sees and hears Matt, a smile lights up his face]
James [smiling]: Matt.
[Matt runs over to James and punches his leg]
Matt: GOT YA’! Ha! [Laughing]
James: You sure did. [Still smiling] Good to see you today, Matt.
[Matt, still laughing, points the camera at himself and says his catchphrase…]
Matt [to the camera]: Hashtag PunchingMyFriendJames!
James: Still trying to make this into a thing, I see. Heh.
[Camera pointed James who is smiling, while Matt is still laughing, when the video cuts off]

Video 7 *[Week 11]*
[Matt hiding behind corner of stone building]
Matt: Hi, I’m Matt; and I’m going to punch my friend James.
[Pans camera to show a big door]
Matt: Here we go.
[Matt runs out from behind the corner of the building and in through the door. As he runs the camera is swings while being pointed at the stone floor. Matt runs up a few steps. He slows down, camera still pointed at the floor.]
Matt: James, I hope you’re ready for this.
[Camera pans up from the floor to show an open casket with James in it, lying completely still. Matt lifts his hand but right before the punch makes contact with James’ shoulder, Matt stops. The clenched fist stays still, a few inches from James’ shoulder; nothing happens. Matt’s fist is still clenched tightly which makes his knuckles white and his hand shake a little. Matt slowly opens his hand. He gently places his open hand on James’ shoulder.]
Matt [softly]: James.
[Matt bows his head, not saying anything. He slowly points the camera at himself.]
[As a single tear rolls Matt’s cheek as he very softly utters the words]
Matt: Hashtag PunchingMyFriendJames.
[Cut to black]

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