Watching Teen Beach 2 and Rambling
A while back I watched the Disney Channel movie Teen Beach Movie and I don't think I ever mentioned it. Though, due to how meta and ridiculous the first movie was, I am deciding that now, where the sequel is out on Netflix, I have to write down my rambling stream of consciousness while watching it.

Here we go...

- - -

To be honest, I'm starting this movie over in order to write down my ramblings. I guess this almost turned into another instance of me watching a Disney Channel Movie without saying that I did so.

Wait, is this even Disney?

"A Disney Channel original movie" - ah, yes it is.

Horrific font for the title.

I remember the lead girl - but that guy looks like every other teenage surfer guy.

Bodacious? Surfer dude, how do you even know that word?

Not so subtle reference to the interdimensional travel accident from the first movie.

Now that I think about it, the first movie was slightly (aka. quite a lot) like Back to the Future.

The romance between these two isn't as obnoxious as one would think.

Uhh, first song. Cool.

I remember a couple of those characters from the other dimension/universe.

Wait, was the first movie a different take on Grease? Where instead of dying, they travel to a different dimension/universe?

I am 100 % sure this movie was an absolute joy to record.

Who wears leather jackets on the beach?

Oh, that dance. So much joy it is infectious.

Now, let the real movie begin. Come one, plot, where are you hiding?

Surfer dude got some not unfounded concerns about summer love might not lasting when summer is over.

Bro-on-bro/surfer-dude-on-surfer-dude conversation that I didn't understand much of.

Ok. Lead girl is a giant nerd and older nerd guy is apparently hot for her. Surfer guys know nothing about science and feel threatened. That is at least part of the plot, right?

Surfer dude is feeling insecure about his ambitions and potential.

Why is the interdimensional movie running in the background this whole time?

Ooh, this beach movie dimension/universe is more interesting. It's way more meta.

Ah, I think I can smell the plot now.

Couple that formed when trapped in an alternate dimension/universe doesn't work in their own dimension/universe. No one is surprised.

So surfer dude plays guitar and sings to himself in his bedroom (hut on the beach). No one is surprised. Nice voice though.

AWESOME! Breaking away from the script, because you're subconsciously realizing there's a 4th wall.

Girl from 60s-musical-movie-dimension misses girl from our dimension. Is there hope for this ship?

Wait, 60s girl gave main girl a necklace - which is now presented of a sign of destiny? I hope this is going where I hope this is going.

I feel like this is like if Barbie and Ken turned into humans and joined our world.

60s girl is not stupid - she understands that they just travelled between dimensions.

Interdimensional friends reconnected - and I fully approve of their joy.

Wait, I'm pretty sure every single guy in this movie are less intelligent than every single girl in this movie - and that this is on purpose. I approve.

New song. So happy. So freakin' happy. No, you don't get it; this is so extremely overly happy that it would make most normal people say that it is too much. I like it.

Ooh, Google Glass project placement. :-P

Wait, this is a 60s beach movie version of Enchanted - one of my favorite movies.

This is insane. Like, Inception levels of insane.

Oooh, makeover! No, wait. I love that 60s look way, way more than like the modern look.

Wow! Awesome clothing style concept!

Neat concept, with the movie dimension trying to regulate due to the missing characters.

Wait, what just happened? Why are the movie dimension characters disappearing?

Honest question - what is it with the US and hot people walking down hallways, so that everyone stops what they are doing and look in awe?

Slight letdown - 60s girl got a bigger crush on nerd girl than on main (nerd) girl.

Ok, I got a new ship in this movie. 60s girl and side nerd girl - who, hand-in-hand, ran away from main girl.

Again with the American stereotypes about high school cafeterias. Though, since I've seen this stereotype in more several hundred movies, I'm beginning to think it is actually reality.

Another song. So stupid - so catchy. Also, the song it about how stupid cliques are - a message I 100 % endorse.

Side nerd girl is very confused by the newcomers; and understandably so (since they are from a different dimension).

Is this "the talk"?

Only being able to explain emotions through physical equivalent feelings - that is kind of sad, and I feel for this guy.

Pretty awesome heart-to-heart between main girl and 60s girl.

Musical number in our dimension to convince characters from the other dimension to go back to their own dimension. This is downright brilliant.

And she doesn't want to back to the movie dimension. She wants to write her own lines. <single tear>

Wait, doucheface is 60s girl's brother? And now he wants to travel between dimensions as well? This is not going to end well.

Okay, now they are saying it is a different universe - and not a different dimension. Wait, what is the difference again?

Wait, doesn't this constitute as creating life, when our fictional characters become real by joining our world as actual human beings?

No! This is sad!

Sigh. Please let this be a my-real-love-traveled-back-to-her-own-dimension pity dance.

I gotta give this movie credit for the dude coming back the for the dude - and not the girl.

Uuh, prelude to musical number. This gotta be good.

Sigh. Not impressed. Only song in movie so far that I haven't danced in my chair to.

Wait, everyone is dying?

Jabba, jabba. Plot goes on.

Oh, the classic "love transcends timelines" bullshit.

Aw. Boy say goodbye to boy and girl say goodbye to girl. This is as it should be - and not all that romantic bullshit crab.

Also, 60s girl is way too good an actress for this movie. Her feels make me feel.

One again (x1000), a girl's hair thingy saves the day. What are those things anyway? They can unlock doors, kill bad guys, fix interdimensional travel, and make girls' hair stay perfect.

Different time line. And slightly more sad.

I wonder what is different.

Ooooh, for one, 60s girl is breaking the 4th wall repeatedly.

Wait, 60s girl is actually singing about changing the predefined interdimensional destiny? That is kinda badass.

Ah, fuck, they actually erased our dimension's memory - though not the movie dimension. That's a nice twist.

Movie over. Hmm. I enjoyed it.

- - -

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