Intense and Oscar-Worthy - Review of Whiplash
I added the movie Whiplash (2014) to my "I need to watch this" list long enough ago that I had completely forgotten what it was and why I had added it. Whole damn shit, I was right in making a reminder to myself to watch it. Whiplash is indeed worth watching.

Whiplash is one of those movies that made me feel certain feelings more intensely than I would have thought a movie would be able to. Whiplash actually stepped into a new territory in this regard in that the movie at several points actually made me feel emotional panic - almost panic attacks. This might not sound like a good thing to some people, but I love when movies are able to make me feel something. A movie that for instance makes me laugh, but doesn't move me, is not worth a lot in my eyes. Well, Whiplash didn't make me laugh - but it did move me quite a bit, to put it lightly.

Whiplash is a simple movie; a simple movie with 5 Oscar nominations - of which I strongly believe that it deserves every single one of them; yes, even Best Motion Picture of the Year (though I haven't seen Birdman (2014), so I might be wrong). This is not a light-hearted movie and it might be too triggering for some - but for me it was intense and amazing.

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