Genuine and Moving - Review of Speak
Years before I ever heard of Twilight, I stumbled upon the movie Speak (2004) with Kristen Stewart in the lead, who I at the time had never heard of. This small movie, which I didn't know what to expect from, turned out to be one that would stick with me for years, and after rewatching it today, I wanted to share how I feel about it.

Speak has a simple and moving story, which is told in a very heartfelt way. The characters are interesting and their development throughout the movie is one of the truly great parts that makes the movie stand out as something special. The movie didn't just tell me a story, it made me feel it, in a simple and suiting way. Speak is still to this day one of the best movies of its kind.

When a lot of people hear the name Kristen Stewart the first movie they think of is the godawful Twilight, which I think is a real shame since Speak is such an unappreciated piece of greatness. Speak is definitely a movie I highly can recommend.

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