Croft - Amazing Action Short Film
I had forgotten that the action short film Croft (2013) was coming out this Christmas so it was a pleasant surprise when I yesterday found out that the film had been released on YouTube.

Croft is a fan short film which is beautifully shot and choreographed. I hadn't gotten my hopes up but I might has well have since Croft turned out to be the best action short film I've ever watched.

In the lead as The Hero we have stunt performer (Supernatural, Arrow, Continuum), actress (Arrow), and YouTube vlogger ( Cassandra Ebner who won a reward for Female Action Performer of the Year for her role in Croft. It was through Cassandra's vlogs that I first learned about Croft and she certainly did deliver a noteworthy performance. 

Croft is a stunt-focused action short film with a simplistic story and a very solid feel to it. The film excels in its action and cinematography which makes it an absolute blast to watch. I can highly recommend you watching Croft - and since it is freely available on YouTube you might as well give it a shot.

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