Watching When We First Met and Rambling.
It has been a while (apparently 23 week: since I last sat down with a drink (or several) to watch a (possibly terrible) movie while writing down my rambling stream of consciousness throughout the movie.

So, why not do this thing (I've so many times before) again? This time with the new Netflix movie When We First Met (2018).

Here we go...

- - -

Starting out with happy music and a real 90s movie feel and look. Hmm...

Having "years ago" flashback be to 2014 still feels weird. 2014 was, like, yesterday (right?).

This movie feels very typical below avarage romantic comedy so far; except they are kinda rushing the scenes, so I guess this is just some kind of setup for the movie's actual plotline.

Still with the cut, cut, cut - super short scenes with the "story" moving forward too fast for there to be time to really get to know or relate to these characters.

And there it is - the first "twist". That was both extremly obvious - and spoiled in the trailer.

This friend is kinda cool. She got attitude. I like her.

I usually don't remember character names - but they keep repeating their names, which is kinda smart. Avery (how to spell?), Noah, and Garry (isn't that usually a guy's name). See, I remembered!

Wait, why is he naked? Also, why is his bottom half a horse... with wings?

Noah is a wreck - and not in an endearing way.

That part was taken directly out of Big (that movie from the 80s).

How the hell is he this slow to notice he traveled back in time 3 years? Like, he had to see a newspaper before he even began to suspect that anything was wrong.

Traveling back in time and the only thing on his mind is stalking a girl who didn't want to sleep with him the first time around. Ugh. UGH!!!

Wait, the friend's name is not Garry - it's Kerry? That might make a bit more sense.

This is kinda creepy, stalkery, and, most of all, artificial. Also, he is rushing everything and making forced "moments".

SHE IS GOING TO HIT HIM WITH A PLANT!!! (It was in the trailer.)

YAY! SHE HIT HIM WITH A PLANT!!! GO GARRY! (Yep, that's her name now)


I get the mechanics of the plot now; it is pretty much exactly the same as The Butterfly Effect; just a "romantic" "comedy" instead of a whatever The Bufferfly Effect was (a terrific movie btw - at least I thought so back then).

And Garry's costume is kinda clever. Garry is still the best part of this movie so far.

Argh, what the fuck is he doing with his face? He tries to flirt, but he just looks constipated and douchy.

Laugh count: 2. First time I laughed was when SHE HIT HIM WITH A PLANT - and this time was the self-woooing guy, whose performance of faking someone else wooing was spot on (it makes sense if you see the movie - maybe).

Frosted tips? Ew.

A lot of time has gone by - and I've had no comments. This is really bland and cliché.

I think I know where the movie is going now. I care more for this (still obvious) plotline than the "give the stalker what he wants" plotline. Though, still, not exactly original if it goes the way I think.
(Post-movie commentary: It ended up going exactly the way I, at this moment (about halfway through the movie), thought it would go.)

Wow - this fairy tale timeline is kinda going well - and for Garry too (most importantly). Noah still has the mind of 12-year-old though, so that's still ehhh.

Laugh count: 3. This third one was literally for a guy commenting on himself popping some balloons. :-)

This is uncomfortable to watch - and not in an awkward kinda way, but in an "I don't experience schadenfreude" kinda way. Wait, is that why I haven't enjoyed the movie so far?

They don't even try to sneak in the throwback - they just push it right in your face.

At least the pretend-adult is having a kinda self-realization moment now. This is kinda moving. Huh - only surprise of the movie so far.

I just realized they can actually take this movie in a direction that isn't terrible. Huh. Let's see what they do.
_(Post-commentary commentary: They didn't.)

This twist is EXACTLY the same as the (first) Cindy-twist from How I Met Your Mother.

Laugh count: 4. That one wasn't even funny; I think the white wine is just starting to go to my head.

What is going on now?

Wise words from a guy in a kimono making a smoothie.

Everything is weird again.

I know I'm supposed to feel bad for Noah here - but I never really connected with his character - so, meh.

This scene is right out of Big as well.

This feels like a leadup to something big. And, surprise surprise, I'm not even sure what it is.
(Meta-commentary: I find it interesting how repeating the same word twice can make you sound sarcastic. This commentary wasn't sarcasm. I was actually surprised.)

Oh, that.

No, forget that "oh". Now I REALLY get where this is going. Kinda clever in a cliche-but-still-wholesome kinda way.

Still, I would have loved for this to have had a friendship ending instead of a romantic ending (that wasn't even romantic - they just forced the "oh by the way, they fell in love" part down our throats after an afterthought).

Oh, and just as I wrote that, the movie ended. Overall meh. A few twists and turns in the last half hour, but that didn't make up for all the pointlessness in the first hour.

And the moral of the story is - everything happens for a reason. Like, they litterally said that out loud in the end to make sure the viewer realized that that was the point. Sigh.

Post movie note: Somehow this movie managed to span more than 90 minutes and only have ONE (!) character have character exploration (Garry) and only ONE (!) character have character growth (Noah - which wasn't even growth, just realization). Can I get a S - I - G - H ...?

- - -

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