Breathtakingly Amazing - Review of Captain Fantastic
I have this list where I write down movies I want to watch - and where, from the second I add a movies to this list, I do everything I can to avoid knowing anything (ANYTHING!) about the movie. Most of the movies on this list, I know little to nothing about, but was added simply because I had a good feeling about something about the movie (title, poster, writer, director, actor, etc.) - and when I finally get to see the movie I get to experience it in full - just as I think every good movie should be experienced.

Today I got to watch two of the movies from my list. One was really good (Don't Breathe (2016)) and the other was quite damn amazing - that one was Captain Fantastic (2016).

Captain Fantastic is a special kind of movie, unlike far most others. It has a little of what made Into the Wild (2007) special, but somehow bigger and more intimate at the same time. On paper, this is a very weird movie that, if made incorrectly, could have been a poor parody of itself. However, it was, down to the smallest detail, made to perfection - and it was felt. Every character is their own person - and are all portrayed without judgement or typical preconceived notions. This is difficult to explain - but the movie somehow managed to not itself judge in any way if someone is right or wrong - they all just are; and you, as the viewer, can judge for yourself - or don't. And it works.

Captain Fantastic is, well, fantastic. It is raw, emotional, philosophical (to a surprisingly high degree), thought-provoking, and much, much more. The concept is brave. The story is captivating. The characters feel real. The acting is superb. The emotions are breathtaking. And the movie is overall something truly special - that I am thankful I got to experience (thank you, past me, for adding it to the list).

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