Expecting Something Else
This evening I just finished watching all the aired episodes of Girl Meets World - and I have to say that I feel inspired. Yes, this is indeed one of the best series I've ever watched - but more importantly, it is important. It taught me things I didn't except to learn from a Disney Channel show - or any other show or movie for that matter. I was expecting something else - something different - something less significant. I was wrong.

Girl Meets World is so very, very human. It is full of absolutely real emotions, set in an entertaining, fictive, Disney setting - which (surprise!) isn't more that a few degrees from the world we live in. You see yourself in every single character - or at least I think I do. You understand everything - even the stuff you disagree with. No, really, think about it. You see a character make a decision, that you fully understand and agree with, while at the same time as you understand and agree with a character with the exact opposite opinion. That is exactly what you hope a good TV series can do.

Yes, Girl Meets World may be cheesy as fuck - but it is damn great at being cheesy in the most sincere way possible. It is self-conscious in a way, I've never seen a serious show be before, and it touches all the right nodes. Yes, this is a well thought out and extremely well executed show; a show you really should give a shot.

It is without hesitation that I say that Girl Meets World is my favorite Disney Channel show - and probably also the show that has caused me to shed the most tears - because DAMN, this is some heartfelt stuff. Well done, Girl.

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