Dear The 100 series,

No matter how much cute backstory you give the guy who, in cold blood, murdered more than a dozen innocent, defenseless men, women, and children, he is still not a good guy. You are doing this thing over and over again, with characters making excuses for torture, murder, and a lot of other evil acts, and then simply proceeding like it was "no big deal." It was, and still is, a big deal! You cannot have your characters perform these unforgivable acts and then have them be the "good guys" a couple of episodes later (or even later on in the same episode).

I haven't forgotten what all these characters did - and now I'm left here watching episode after episode, wishing that more than half of all your main "good guys" would face a fitting punishment for their crimes; which would be death in almost all cases, according to your own universe. Murdering innocent people, including children, cannot be erased by smiling at the cute girl and saying "I did it for you." Mass murder is not romantic! And portraying it as such is a horrible, horrible thing to do.

You think you are telling a story from the perspective of the good guys. You are most definitely not.

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