Quirky, Cute, and Amazing - Review of Populaire
I might as well start by saying it. Populaire (2012) is one of the absolutely most entertaining and enjoyable French movies I've ever watched.

I'm not quite sure how I ended up falling in love with Populaire before I ever even got a chance to watch it - but I did and my initial feelings for the movie were spot on.
Populaire is quirky, cute, enjoyable, and downright amazing. It feels like a merge of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie (like Amélie (2001)) and a Wes Anderson movie (like Moonrise Kingdom (2012)) but with a firmer grasp of reality.

Populaire had many, many moments where I burst out laughing or uttered a loud squee of excitement (ahem.. manly squees of manliness, of course) simply because of downright brilliant and amazing writing and, just as importantly, flawless execution.

The writing in Populaire is one of the great many aspects of the movie which struck me. There's witty dialogue, snappy comebacks, intelligent conversation, and generally an overall sense of style and brilliance. (Pst, I also have to mention the jawbreakingly great women empowering themes throughout the whole movie, making it even better.)

I think you catch my drift; Populaire is one big fucking delicious slice of joy with depth which I've come not to expect from comedies these days. I fell in love with the movie and almost everything about it - and it didn't help the matter that the main character was the epitome of cuteness.

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