The End of the How I Met Your Mother Era
Aka. spoiler-free review of HIMYM finale

Some might think it is a bit strong calling the years with How I Met Your Mother an era but the series was my Friends; well, Friends was my Friends too - but that ended and How I Met Your Mother took its place for me and I ended up loving it far more than Friends.

It has been 9 years with both laughter and tears - though significantly more of the former. The series hasn’t innovated much but I never grew tired of it. It has been the characters of How I Met Your Mother that held me glued to the screen week after week even if the main character of Ted Mosby could be a bit much at times. Every time the series got a sense of staleness to it something great came along which proved that How I Met Your Mother could be the opposite of cheap laughs - a quality which I think is why I ended up getting as attached to HIMYM as I did.

After 9 years How I Met Your Mother had gone on for long enough and it was time for an end which luckily came in time. Now for the difficult task - how does one end a series that has gone on for this long? Many other series have approached the task of a finale in different ways and many of them have failed miserably - something I was worried HIMYM would do as well. Fortunately this wasn’t the case.

As it turns out parts of the HIMYM finale were filmed 9 years ago - the parts with the children. In fact, as I have just found out (, all scenes with the children throughout all 9 seasons were filmed during the first season. I am not sure whether the end was planned all along or the scenes from back then were merely incorporated to a newly written end - but it worked. Unlike so many other endings of long-running series, this one felt fitting. It seemed a bit weird at first but the end of the story was taken in a direction I did not see coming, though soon realized was a perfect ending. Tears were shed - and not because the story had ended but because of the end itself. It was perfect - not execution-wise but story-wise which is all I could ever ask for.

A worthy end to a series I love.

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