A Genuine Masterpiece - Review of Maidentrip
While looking for a movie to watch on this Sunday evening, I came across the movie Maidentrip (2013) in the "Action & Adventure" +Netflix category; a movie I had never heard of before, and it was sitting there alongside Serenity and Avengers. I found the trailer and within 30 seconds, I stopped the trailer, because I knew this was a movie I had to watch.

Maidentrip is a documentary - a genre which I have often been disappointed by, with very few exceptions, so I didn't fully get my hopes up. However, it really wouldn't have mattered, because the movie utterly and completely blew me away right off the bat. Maidentrip is, without a doubt, one of the best movies I have ever watched. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this movie; but I'll try.

Let me put it like this: If Maidentrip had been the exact same movie, but a fictional live-action adventure movie, it would still have been an utterly amazing movie with a spot among my personal favorite movies. Though, the fact it is a documentary somehow adds that additional little piece of realisme, humanity, and relatability to it, which all in all takes it to a whole new level of film. This is, without a doubt, one of my all time favorite movies.

Maidentrip is the story of the 14 year old Laura Dekker realizing her dream of sailing around the globe - alone. The movie is almost exclusively shot by Laura herself, and this is exactly one the aspects of the movie that makes it so great. Think of it as the completely amazing Into the Wild (2007), but even better and as a documentary instead of a reenactment of actual events. Yes, Maidentrip is a real life, and even better, version of Into the Wild; and with more character development, more beautiful scenery, more relatable story, and more moving story; (which for the people who have seen Into the Wild, very likely does not seem not possible - but in Maidentrip it is).

I feel in love with Maidentrip faster than with any movie before. I love every single aspect about it, and I have never in my life experienced any movie this relatable. Laura Dekker has my deepest respect and admiration. Maidenship has the spot as one of my 3 all-time favorite movies. A masterpiece - and a human and genuine one of that.

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