Watching Katy Perry: Part of Me and Rambling
Like several times before I thought I'd watch a movie and write down my rambling stream of consciousness while doing so. This time I thought I'd try something new and choose a documentary - a music documentary so I still could drink and have fun while watching. The choice fell on +Katy Perry's Part of Me (2012) which you can find on +Netflix:

Here we go...


Wait, why am I doing this? Oh, at least it isn't the Biebster movie thingy.

Starting out with a fan violin cover. Nicely done.

18 year old Katy makes me feel old.

I honestly find myself hoping this will be a bit like +Taylor Swift's Journey to Fearless documentary.

According to IMDb Journey to Fearless is 7.5/10 and Part of Me is 5.7/10. I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up.

Disks of spinning hypnotic spirals on her boobs? I think boobs might be hypnotizing enough by themselves.

Heck, at least this music makes me smile.

Wow, a second later Katy said that she makes music to make people smile. <puts on tinfoil hat to prevent movie from reading my thoughts>

Oh, this is before she divorced Russell Brand. Why do I even know that that happened?

2-hour show every day for a year? It seems like someone might be exaggerating.

Lollipops everywhere.

I like that one guy in the audience has no expression on his face whatsoever while all the other people are completely freaking out of excitement.

Colors and party everywhere! AND GLITTER! HUGE AMOUNTS OF GLITTER!

<short work break for me>

Katy's parents were/are religious nuts? I have to give her that this is kind of a cool back-story.

Shit, her parents are kind of scary and disapproving.

Did Katy record a commentary to this documentary 8 years before it was even recorded? o.O

I have never heard some of these songs. I kind of like them.

Getting harsh truths thrown in her face by some song-writer lady.

Acoustic Katy Perry from 2006 sounds great. No glitter, color, or other effects - simply Katy and a guitar.

Oh, now I get it. Katy Perry was a great musician - a struggling musician - and then some PR guy made her into a brand, a star.

Damn, that was a nice live performance of I Kissed a Girl.

"I have a continuing evolving 1on1 relationship with God?" - Do I sense a bit of hesitation, Katy? Not to out you as 'not a religious nut' in front of your mother.

Again, a single guy standing still with no expression on his face whatever in the middle of crowd while everyone else are jumping, singing, and having the time of their lives.

Russell Brand is definitely more of a relatable cutie than Katy Perry. No disrespect.

Wait! 'Kitty Purry' is an old pun?!?! I feel so betrayed.

It says something when I get more excited about covers and other artists' music in this documentary than Katy's own.

Fart noises while doing yoga. Never not funny.

I am kind of confused about the timeline of this documentary.

WHAT IS THAT METAL MONSTER THING?!?!?! Oh, it's the Gaga lady.

I might just have yelled out "HELL YEAH!" when Rebecca Black made a very short appearance. <Vietnam flashbacks> You don't know man, you weren't there!

Katy Perry dancing with her "Last Friday Night" alter ego? That's what sisters are for.

Oh you, Japan.

Now I wonder why you see so few short drag queens.

The peacock song only makes me think of this: Katy Perry - Peacock (Chatroulette Version) ORIGINAL

Also, I don't think the peacock song is about a bird.

"Trying to keep my marriage alive." - oh. :-/

Shit, I am moved by this. I did not expect that.

And then a sad song; of course you had to do that to me, editor.

Did she just try to pull off her wedding ring while crying in a onesie? This is more personal than I expected.

The single tear rolling down her cheek was whipped away by a makeup artist before it even left her face.

Shit, that's a hell of a game face.

Editor, again? You bastard.

Such a great, moving act by a Katy's audience - mostly lost on Katy because she didn't know what "amore" meant. <sad sigh>


Okay, I am completely lost by the timeline again.

Oh, it's not Katy's wedding dress fitting - it's her sister's. Now I get the timeline again.

I haven't even been close to shedding a single tear this whole movie and this adorable children's choir comes on and rocks "Fireworks". Damn.

I admit it. I like Katy Perry's music even though I don't agree with her aesthetic choices.

Katy's costume designers, what the hell? I know it is branding but this shit is simply weird and ugly.

At least it ended with a joke.

And now Netflix is suggesting that I watch some cake show next... Fitting?


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