Watching Fight for Space and Rambling Tweeting
Today (or was it yesterday?) I got an email for a Kickstarter campaign I had completely forgotten about, since it was years ago that I made a donation to the campaign. The Kickstarter was the documentary "Fight for Space" - and tonight I finally got to watch it.

While I didn't actually do a "normal" movie rambling session while watching the movie - but I for some reason ended up tweeting (at a whole bunch while watching the documentary, so I thought I'd take my tweets and create a movie ramblings post of them.

Here you have it...

- - -

You know those Kickstarters that you completely forgot you donated to years ago - and then all of sudden you get your reward? #FightForSpace

Exactly one minute into #FightForSpace and there's already a guy with an eyepatch on some ominous council.

Wait, they canceled all flights to the moon... IN 1970!?!?! #FightForSpace - or not, because of insufficient funds.

So many amazing people in #FightForSpace. @BillNye, @michiokaku, and @neiltyson - so far.

It is kinda sad that the reason the US went into space was as a dick measuring contest with the USSR. Still, got there. #FightForSpace

#FightForSpace has an atmosphere to it that makes me want to rewatch Alien (1979).
<Add to queue: Alien (1979)>

G-Man (suit/sunglasses): Vague JFK reference.
Me: Hmm. I'll let it slide.
Random woman: NASA isn't sexy.

The space shuttle had no purpose and would have been a waste of time and money... if it wasn't for what we learned from it. #FightForSpace

Wait, they (the US, obviously) wanted a space station way before they even knew want they wanted it for? Huh? #FightForSpace

And still, I get a little bit sad when I see the end of the final voyage of the space shuttle. #FightForSpace

#FightForSpace makes me realize money thrown at NASA way too often has been a complete waste due to wrong intentions and wrong leadership.

I guess my message is: Redo what worked in the 60s/70s instead of trying to do something else FOR NO GOOD REASON! Sigh. #FightForSpace

Old dude, who I forgot the name of - I fully agree. It indeed is a tragedy that we stopped building the Saturn V. Sigh. #FightForSpace

Is that the same eyepatch guy that we saw on the ominous council from the 70s? Now looking less retro and more sci-fi! #FightForSpace

#FightForSpace makes me agree with cutting the NASA budget. I know that wasn't the intention - but damn, such an inefficient use of funds.

Space exploration truly needs to be taken over by the private industry in order to progress. Thank you, @SpaceX. #FightForSpace

I'm glad #FightForSpace ended on such an inspiring and hopeful note, because (damn!) that was too much disappointment in people to handle.

To end off what apparently turned into a live-tweeting session of watching #FightForSpace, here is a shot of the credits (featuring me!).

- - -

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