Extraordinarily Intelligent - Review of Humans Season 1
When I first heard of the TV series Humans (2015) I didn't expect anything at all and it actually took me a while to get around to giving it a shot. When I finally did I was completely blown away with the series' take on AI with its stories and characters being better than anything related to AI I've ever seen. Yes, even way beyond what Ex Machina (2015) managed to do with the subject.

In addition to being insanely interesting, Humans also manages to be captivating and moving. The stories of the individual characters are relatable and feel very real, which is enhanced by the spot-on acting. Not only the characters are written extremely well, but the whole world-building also works without a hitch. Every detail of Humans is thought through and made in an intelligent, but still simple, way.

As a whole Humans is the complete package with thoroughly complex and interesting characters, a fully relatable universe with a slight twist, several opposing groups who you can understand all sides of (no good individuals vs. bad individuals - just individuals), and an overall story that probably will be very relevant to our own lives within not too long. Humans has won a place among my favorite series - and it is definitely one of the most intelligently done series I've ever seen.

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