Watching Adventures in Babysitting and Rambling
So, it's been along time since I've done one of these, but what better way to revisit the rambling movie watching game than with a Disney Channel Movie?
It is time for another around of my rambling streams of consciousness while watching a movie (and drinking). This time the movie is Adventures in Babysitting (2016).

Here we go...

- - -

Ooh, it's Maya from Girl Meets World. Awesome!

And it's even Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) who sings the title song. (Yes, I recognize the song - it is on my playlist.)

Damn! Maya almost ran over a guy.

"He wants to polish my tires." - Eh?

Uh. Main Girl (Maya) doesn't exactly have the best of intentions. Her current rival - let's call her Art Girl - does however seem like she actually is passionate about art.

And like that the premise for the movie is established and the wheels sat in motion (the "pling" sound effect even played).

Art Girl's car has a custom paint job and eye lashes. Not bad.

Dear 30ish year old cop guy: Don't flirt with the teenage girl. Please.

Side note: Why does all Disney Channel movies and series seem to have an older guy flirting with or put in romantic-ish scenes with a way younger girl? Yes, Girl Meets World also has this - but there the issue is very explicitly addressed and handled for what it is - which is way better than any other series/movie that have this creeping trope (which is too many, since this is the Disney Channel after all). Let's see how this babysitting movie handles itself in this regard.

Here are the kids being babysat. An older brat. A tiny chef. And a roller derby girl.

Who is this new family now?

Ah, those are the other family that the main girl had doubled booked her evening babysitting.

Wait, which family will Art Girl be babysitting and which will Main Girl?

Ah, Art Girl is babysitting Roller Derby Girl, Little Chef and Brat Boy.

That mother is pretentious.

I like the parents of family #2 way more than the parents of family #1.

The kids though... Well... Seemingly all awful.

Main Girl is really stressed about losing a kid. I guess she's not really overreacting that much.

I feel like I've seen this movie before. But I think it was Jonah Hill (or someone like him) who was the main girl or something.

Two babysitters go on an adventure in the big city, looking for the kid they lost.

This is getting more and more elaborate - in the Home Alone kind of way. I don't like it.

I like Main Girl more when she was Maya. This one is... ehh... something else.

That purple ferret reminds me of Gremlins.

Oh, and the purple ferret is on the loose.

How did one pothole make the entire car that dirty?

And those two guys suddenly became the two criminals from Home Alone. Sigh.

How are Brat Boy's friends that impressed by the fact that he has a babysitter? Oh, they think the babysitter is "hot".

Art Girl really knows how to blackmail a child.

Main Girl is way too controlling. Art Girl is way too reckless.

This is a bit too Home Alone for my taste. Where is the usual presumption channeling plot lines and heartfelt character exploration and development? This is not the Disney Channel TV-movies that I know and love.

It's Pinky and the Brain. Or actually - Reckless Pinky and Stuck-Up Pinky. No brain.

Oh, the princess dropped one of her shoes - and immediately went back and picked it up.

Sure, good idea to let the small girl be the first to attempt the daring escape route. /s

Even more Home Alone style antics. Sigh.

Whoever made this movie actually looked at Home Alone and thought that it was a good movie. Sigh.

Did that tiny Princess Girl just spray that sleeping drunk guy with perfume?

Main Girl is too stuck up. Let the kids express themselves - it doesn't hurt anyone.

Roller Derby Taylor Swift? Eh?

"Für Elise" is pronounced as "fur" - as in "furry"? What? No!

Aw. At least Main Girl was worried that Art Girl got hurt for a second there.

WHAT? How did Roller Derby Girl magically turn her shoes into roller skates? That is some kind of witchcraft right there.

A girl on roller skates, followed by a criminal on a bike, followed by a car full of kids, followed by another criminal - on foot.

Bad cable work resulting in awkward scene.


Yes, please. Let Main Girl go all 8 Mile on them. Please.

This is bad. Oh...

A bit better... Still kind of weird.

This is not rapping. She is just talking into the microphone.

So bad. Still entertaining.

Art Girl is actually rapping though.

Art Girl vs Main Girl rap battle. Best scene so far.

WTF...? This is weird and probably really bad. Though, it is definitely entertaining.

Back to the normal movie. Bad writing. Sigh.

At least we're now getting a pretty decent scene with Main Girl encouraging and cheering up Goth Girl.

These kids are making way too elaborate plans for undoing a prank call.

Wait, Princess Girl actually stole diamonds from her mother?

Now they are trying to be a heist movie. Sigh.

Again with the elaborate schemes? Not endearing - just stupid.

Art Girl put on some fur and a tiara and suddenly became British (or something - I can't really tell what accent she is trying to do).

Did that criminal just call the purple ferret "a hundred grand"? Well, I kinda saw this coming - the ferret is a stolen "gem".

Sigh. Now Main Girl is freaking out about some guy. Come on! The two of them literally only had one scene together, less than 15 seconds in total, where they barely looked at each other or spoke. FFS! At least try to make it halfway possible for the audience to relate.

Princess Girl and Art Girl gives Main Girl a makeover. She looks different - but not better. She just looks like she's someone else. I don't think that's a good thing.

Wait, did that guy just accidentally sing "excuse me" as he tried to get past someone else. I like it.

Main Girl didn't learn an important life lesson by that? Sigh. That would at least have been something - but no.

Did Main Girl just rob a vehicle impoundment lot (what are those things called?)?

Cleanup sequence with everyone helping everyone. Expected. Boring.

They are really pushing it, trying to make this movie sentimental. Not working. :-/

Oh no. The old man cop going to hit on the teenage Art Girl again. No.

And the cop asked the teenager out. How is this okay?

Too much giggling. Not me - just everyone in that scene. They are really pushing the envelope, trying to be cute.

First actual feeling - speaking of me now. Art Girl and Main Girl see each other as friends now. I like this; I really do. :-)

The End...

And ending with credits with a sort of compilation of what happened. Not the least bit surprising.

That was some quick credits. I guess almost no one was involved in making this movie. I am not surprised. This was NOT a good movie. Disney Channel - you have disapointed me.

- - -

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