Breathtaking - Review of Sense8
When I first saw the trailer for the Netflix series Sense8 I thought it looked kind of interesting, but I wasn't really that intrigued. Then the whole first season hit Netflix yesterday, and since I woke early this morning I thought I'd give it a shot. Now, about 12 hours later, I finished the whole damn thing. To put it in one word: Breathtaking.

From the very first episode I was caught by the characters and their individual stories right off the bat. From the trailer, I had come to fear that the series would be too fast paced and chaotic, so that the characters wouldn't get the individual time they deserved. That certainly wasn't true. This is truly a series with the whole focus on the characters, with the sci-fi elements and overlaying plot only being there to giving us an extra dimension to explore the individual characters through, as well as them as a group.

Normally in movies and series with multiple main characters, especially ones with individual stories, you end up having favorites and then others you tolerate or even despise. In Sense8 that absolutely is not the case. Every single character and their individual stories are some of the best written, most interesting, and most human I've ever seen in any series - or even movie. They are all simply that good.

Sense8 took me through all the emotions, sometimes multiple at once. I felt completely connected to the characters and felt their joy, fear, sadness, love, and much more. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster in the most perfect of ways. At no point during the whole season did I feel bored or annoyed with anything about it (well, except for the 10 minutes I had to put it on pause to go vote in the Danish election - but even the best series ever won't stop me from voting).

Sense8 is truly a magnificent series. Dare I even say it is a masterpiece? Either way, Sense8 is a breathtakingly amazing series with so many different themes, genres, character types, and sides about it to love. Definitely one of my all-time favorites series - possible even #1.

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