Watching Crush and Rambling
This evening I wanted to find a movie to watch, so I watched a whole bunch of trailers from 2013 and ended deciding to watch Crush (2013). 1 minute into the movie I realized this might be one of those movies, so I started it over, this time writing down my rambling stream of consciousness.

Here we go...

- - -

I only watched half the trailer, so I'm not really sure what this movie is about.

Cute beginning.

Hmm... Something is off.


Do something!

Help him!

Oh... :'-|

I wonder if that is the same guy. He's not dead, so it is probably not him.

Fucking fake ass soccer players.


Cute teacher.

Creepy stalker.

Wait, so the stalker has a stalker.

Wait, is that the actress from that Vagninal Fantasy TV series?

Soccer version of Swimfan?

Ooh, what is going to happen...

Oh, nothing.

Casual stalker. Somehow I find him even creepier than the main stalker.

Making your entrance, I see.

This movie doesn't know how to take its time.

Who the fuck have a conversation with someone else while having earbuds in? Douche.

Again with the cut, cut, cut. I counted between cuts for 2 minutes and only one cut was 4 sec, while most were 1-2 sec. Way too many quick cuts!

Lingering shots are way more creepy.

Forced to go on a date with your stalker? Ew.

On the bright side, if she kills her stalker, he couldn't be her first (kill).

MS Paint level Photoshop skills.

First proper reaction to the stalking.

And he makes an awesome (horrifying) joke about it. High five!

He knows?

Okay, now he certainly does.

This is not bad writing or acting. Simply TERRIBLE editing.


WHAT!!! She died?

And the movie continues without any hesitation - like nothing happened at all.

Fucking hell! Excellent scenes ruined by way (WAY! WAY WAY!!!) too many cuts.

At least the acting isn't bad.

Dear editor: FUCK YOU!

Murder time?

Okay, she is creepy.

Change of objective? Or target?


The classic American "the police won't believe me" trope. Sigh - not because the trope, but because it is basically reality.

Now I'm wondering if there's any female character in this whole movie who hasn't had the hots for the main guy. No?

I was hoping for a twist.

This movie has a lot of great ideas, plot points, and characters - but it truly doesn't know how to make use of them.

Creepy stalker guy is still fucking creepy. No, stalking isn't romantic!

It is never nice when a murderer says "you remind me of myself" to you.

Almost "draw me like one of your French girls."

Now that's one expressive drawing.

I feel a case of "lack of double tap" coming up.

Right again.

I'm once again impressed by the acting. Certain other parts, not so much.

Hmm... That was it. Meh.

- - -

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