A Significant Improvement - Review of Catching Fire
I wasn't a huge fan of The Hunger Games (2012) but I still liked it enough for me to look forward to the sequel. To my delight the sequel turned out to be significantly better than its predecessor. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) is actually a borderline great movie.

Catching Fire is not a movie fully able to stand on its own feet. I say this not in reference to its connection to the first movie but rather its connection to what follows, Mockingjay, in sort of the same way as The Fellowship of the Ring led into The Two Towers; absolutely not saying that these two series are even close to being on the same level. The Hunger Games movie series has now begun for me and I am hooked.

In many of the aspects where The Hunger Games failed, Catching Fire succeeded. It was not a straightforward movie with few surprises but rather had multiple layers concerning both the characters and the plot lines. It told several stories simultaneously while only letting the viewer get glimpses and fragments of some of these stories. This was without a doubt my favorite aspect of the movie and kept me glued to the screen for the next part of the bigger puzzle.

Catching Fire is not an amazing movie but still very far from being a bad movie. It does a lot of things better than the first Hunger Games movie while still managing to add new, good ingredients to the mix. The "love triangle" parts are still overplayed and boring but as long as they help finance the movie I won't complain too much. Catching Fire is a worthy sci-fi movie.

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