Watching Stage Fright and Rambling
After the zombie beaver movie ( I felt like watching another horror flick, so I decided to finally give Stage Fright (2014) a shot. About 8 minutes into the movie I realized that while this was a different kind of movie from the beaver one, it was still possibly bonkers - and that I needed to start it over and write down my rambling stream of consciousness throughout the movie.

So here we go again...

- - - 

Based on true events? Yea right.


Oh, fake murder.

Standing ovation? For that?

So this is a sort of different take on the Phantom of the Opera story or what?

The production quality isn't half bad. The plot? Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Brutally sick editing. I love it.

Dear editor of this movie: YOU ROCK!

Wait, wait, wait. This is an actual horror musical?

Repeated abused by his father - revealed in a "happy" sounding song?

HER HAIR! I absolutely love it!

Wow. That was a long list of slurs used against kids who enjoy singing and acting.

What the actual fuck? This is bizarre - and I like it... mostly because it is weirdness presented as musical numbers.

Oh, the musical within the musical is called "The Haunting of the Opera". They aren't exactly subtle.

Post-structuralism? What the hell is that?

That's an intense killer.

That sounds a lot like one of the songs from Phantom of the Opera.

I have a bad vibe about that guy. He seems weirdly stalkery and possessive.

Serial killer vibe from that man. I think they want me to think that he is the killer.

That looks like those blades I used to kill zombies with... in Half-Life 2.

Wow, wow, wow. Kids sword fighting with real swords and without protective gear.


No, did he just refer to ejaculating all over a woman's face, or am I getting my Japanese words mixed up?

The girl with the awesome hair is back. Damn, that haircut rocks.

Not smooth, guy. Creepy.

He is timing the length of someone else's kiss.

Mean Girls quote? Cool.

I don't think kids and power tools are a good mix.

The director deciding between the actresses by whether they want to fuck him is utterly disgusting.

Are there no dress rehearsals in movies?

Giant box with the word "swords" written on it. Cool.

That looks very painful.

The editing brilliance strikes again. That was not bad at all.

There are a lot of creepy guys/men in this movie.

Wait, are they brother and sister? That changes a few things.

Small child tells the truth. Old man manipulates kids to forget the truth.

Feel good by singing a song when YOUR FRIEND HAS JUST BEEN BRUTALLY MURDERED!

The killer sings metal/screamo songs.

Oh, fuck - this metal v musical mashup is kind of cool.

This movie is intriguing me more and more.

Ooh, gay action behind the scenes.

This is like Phantom of the Opera fan-fiction.

Oh, fuck.

That was brutal without too much gore.

This killer is INTENSE!

Blade saw brass knuckles!

They are even quoting direct lines from Phantom of the Opera.

He is playing an electric guitar with a knife?

This is not bad. Not bad at all.

The conductor is so fucking done with all of this.

Power tools are an excellent defense against monsters.


Shit, this girl can act.

One monster replaced with another.

Horror ending I've seen a couple of times before but which I still love.

Movie over. That was one surprisingly good movie.

Wait, they are actually singing "thank you for watching the credits" in metal during the credits. Awesome.

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