Breathtakingly Powerful - Review of I Kill Giants
Note: While I always keep my reviews vague, the brilliance of I Kill Giants kinda makes it hard for me not to say some things that perhaps can slightly spoil the experience of watching I Kill Giants - though not story/plot spoilers, just spoilers as to how I felt throughout the movie. So, if you truly want to get the full experience, stop reading after this sentence and just watch the absolutely amazing movie that is I Kill Giant. You were warned.
Edit: Scratch that. I deleted my more detailed review and wrote this new one instead, so vague that it shouldn't spoil anything, other than that you're in for one amazing movie. :-)

So, I have this list - it's called "need-to-watch" and contains movies that I for one reason or another get a feeling that I need to watch, which I then add to the list and try to do everything I can to not hear a single word about from that point on (and I really do try - and almost always succeeds).

The other day I got a link to trailer for movie that had come out online; I clicked the link and less than 5 seconds into the trailer (before anything was really shown) I paused it. It was one of the movies from my list.
Since it was on my list, I obviously closed the trailer. I then waited until I felt in the right state of mind to watch this movie, that I litterally knew nothing at all about (no, really - I knew NOTHING).
And, so, this fine Friday evening, I watched it - I Kill Giants (2017).

Wow. Just wow. That was one hell of a powerful, capivating, and emotional movie. I don't even have words to describe how amazing of a movie this was to me; but I'll try since this is an attempt at a review after all. :-)

Right off the bat I was intrigued by I Kill Giants; not only due to what was happening on screen, but possibly even more due to how it was presented. This was something special - I knew that - and I could now see why past me thought that this would be a movie for me. (Thank you, past me.)

The movie continued to captivate, intrigue, and move me - more and more, scene by scene. The story and characters kept growing in intimate, sincere, and amazing ways. They weren't just part of a story, they were the story and they were the forces driving the story forward.
I can't mention the characters without highlighting how absolutely amazing Madison Wolfe was in playing the main character of Barbara. Every feeling Barbara expressed, I felt myself - and to a degree I don't think I've experienced so consistantly before when watching a movie.
When a single tear ran down Barbara's cheek, a single tear ran down mine. When Barbara ran through the forrest, my heart started beating faster. When Barbara fell, my breath was taken away. When Barbara stood up for herself, I felt strong. When Barbara felt broken, my heart felt like it was breaking. When Barbara's friend held her hand, I held my own. When Barbara mourned, I mourned. When Barbara was heartbroken but put on a brave face, I cried my eyes out.
What Barbara felt, I felt - and I can't even express how much I appreciate being able to have this experience. This was truly amazing.

There are so many aspects to I Kill Giants that I absolutely loved that I can't even come close to mention half of them. The story was intriguing, interesting, and heartfelt. The characters were complex, real, and powerful. The acting was moving, seemless, and admirably. The scenotography was stunning, alluring, and purposeful. The movie was just about perfect in every way.

I Kill Giants is a masterpiece of its subgenre - and, yes, there are several other movies in this exact subgenre that, if I mentioned them, could possibly spoil this movie.
While several other movies with similar styles, characters, and plots are sometimes pretty damn great, I can't empthanize enough how much I Kill Giants stands out among them. This movie truly does what so many other movies before it have attempted to do and only partially succeeded at. It follows through with perfection in every single aspect of the movie and thereby manages to create something truly magnificent.

No words left.

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