Watching The Rogue Cut and Rambling
Apparently Days of Future Past got a new version with the Rogue storyline added back in. I'm kind of curious as to how much this changes an otherwise barely mediocre movie. Though since I disliked the movie the first time around I will have to add something extra for me to do this time to make this 2 hour and 30 minutes version bearable; so I'll be writing down my rambling stream of consciousness throughout the whole movie. Let's see if this is going to be a long one or (more likely) that I will have almost nothing to say about this movie, once again.

Here we go...

- - -

Oh, another dystopian future Earth.

Wait, who is this enemy again that killed/enslaved the entire Earth?

I'm confused. Isn't this far, far in the future? Why haven't they aged?

So robots are the enemy? Figures.

Dead mutant.

Another one.

And another one. They are dropping like flies.

Annnnnd, one more to the pile.

This time travel bullshit is stupid.

Wolverine, is that grey in your hair? So while everyone else looks exactly the same - even the kids - you go grey? How does that make any sense?

So where is Rogue? Isn't she the whole reason for this version?

I'm confused how this movie fits in with the first three X-Men movies.

Making the entire plot of this movie rely on a flawed perception of how time travel can work is downright idiotic. I cannot see past this no matter how "cool" the rest is supposed to be.

Cold-beer-guy is dating IDCLIP-girl?

Oh, so this movie is taking place at about the same time as the first three movies? Wait, how does that even work? The whole premise of this movie is stupid as fuck.

Wait, was that a Terminator reference?


Wait, "a tenth of a tenth of a tenth"? That is a weird way of saying 0.1 percent. You are just trying to hide the fact that your argument is invalid. If you said "0.1 percent of people have a bazooka" then people would say "that is way too many." I agree with your opinion not to murder gifted people, but your argument is still wrong.

Don't get me started on the whole "mutants are the next level of evolution" bullshit with all its fallacies, lies, and misunderstandings of the basic concept of mutation and evolution.

The more I think about this movie, the worse I realizes that it is.

It is however always cool to watch Raven kick some ass.

Are PG13 movies only allowed one use of the word "fuck"? Because if that is the case, both this movie and First Class made the best of that one use.

Oh no. All the kids from First Class? I didn't notice this the first time I watched this movie. It is really sad.

Okay, that doesn't make any sense. He only won 3-2 in Ping Pong over the computer? Come one!

Segregation reference. Nice touch.

That kind of looks like some of the secret walls from Wolfenstein 3D.

Cool. The speedster is impatient.

There it was; the probably most referenced scene from this movie. Yep, Magneto is his father.

That speedster is way too powerful.

Wait, how does that music work? How can sound even work at that speed? Do they have the technology back then?

If it hadn't been for him, they all would have died. Well, except for Logan.

At least the acting is far from bad. Damn, Fassbender, you can act.

See, this is a perfect example of how they can make great individual scenes, even within the framework of a terrible overall story. Which just makes it even more disappointing that the story sucks.

I like the politician Beast much more than the fighting Beast.

I almost forgot: WHERE THE HELL IS ROGUE?!?!

Wait, didn't the time travel bond break just there? Within their own time travel bullshit rules, didn't that mean that the effects would immediately ripple? Why didn't that happen?

Wait, I'm pretty sure the president didn't make a reference to Tyrion Lannister having sex with Mystique in the original version of the movie. Nice touch though.

Ah, this character story is sad. If only the whole movie could have been at this level.

Magneto truly doesn't think things through, does he?

Suddenly nuns!!!

Ooh, reference to Jason Stryker.

I'm beginning to think that Tyrion has a different motive than he initially proclaimed. He might actually be having the same motive as the "bad" guy from Watchmen. One common, god-like enemy that the human race can unite against instead of fighting each other. Makes sense.

Fucking time travel bullshit.

So... Rogue? I'm still waiting...

Oooh, here it comes!!! They are subtly making references to Rogue. I do see how this plotline is misplaced. But the story overall is so shit that it doesn't really matter.

So much of this movie is so great that it really sucks that they went with such a terrible premise and story.

I don't remember this from last time. Are Raven and Nerd going to have sex - or Mystique and Beast?

The latter. :-D

Hitting the nail on the head. People of color being able to see other people of color as beautiful, but not themselves. Damn. This is what is so great about the X-Men universe.

Okay. This scene works so much better with The Rogue Cut parallel element to it.

Indiana Jones? Cool!

I certainly don't remember seeing a bloody, nazi, swastika coin in the original version. I like this fleshed out version a bit more, since there are more content to distract me from the atrocity of a story.

Can you say "over the top"?

Almost like your old Star Trek days, huh?

Wait a minute. When they earlier had an episode of Star Trek on in the background, did they actually show Captain Picard?

Boyfriend dead. Boyfriend's ex-girlfriend back - who then takes your powers. Well, that gotta suck.

Gene? Really? She's Phoenix, you know. Probably not a good idea to advice someone to take her on the team without warning them that a god dwells within her.

Awesome Wolverine metal detector reference. The small stuff they certain do get right.

Fucking hell. I just realized that Charles is a Cuba crisis veteran who got crippled under friendly fire.

What a Dick. Nixon.

This is just like one the of the Iron Man movies.

I have to give it to the anti-mutant peoople. Some of these mutants are as, or more, powerful as most gods.

I really dig teleporters. They always have a certain admirable flair to their style.

In addition to how much I hate the fucking terrible story of this movie, these two simultaneous scenes come a close second. Way, way, way over the top.

How many times in how many movies can Storm die?

I just realized another reason why I hate the story. However, it is too depressing to share, so I won't.

Take off glasses - become a superpowered hero. Where have I seen that before?

What the fuck are they fueled by? It looks like piss from someone who is dehydrated.

Was that Darwin powers? And that X-23 powers?

See, this is a brilliant scene again - but the way it came to be sucked fucking donkey ass. ARGH!!!

They are presenting these two scenes - one in the future, one in the past - as being somehow connected. THEY ARE NOT! Your own fucking premise about how your time travel works says the two situations have NOTHING to do with one another. Fuck you, whoever made this piece of shit.

Ah fuck. I forgot how this piece of crap story ended. This makes NO sense and is overall simply terrible writing. For fuck sake, get a single logical human being to consult on your work next time so you won't end up making such a huge insult to the very concept of logical thought. FUCK!!!

- - -

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