Watching the Best Documentary Ever and Rambling
Okay, I am going to do something unprecedented and truly despicable; I'm going to write down my rambling stream of consciousness while rewatching the possibly best movie of all time - the Dutch documentary Maidentrip (2013).

My original review:

Here we go...
(Please don't make this action ruin one of my most fondest movie memories.)

- - -

I shouldn't be doing this.


Laura Dekker - 14 years old - my hero.

Laura talking about the seas for 15 seconds already makes me heart flutter. You can't deny love for the sea like that.

14 year old girl against the legal system. She is a badass - the Dutch legal system, not so much.

Girl decides to do something extraordinary; the government don't like girls doing extraordinary stuff.

Winning is "nice". Humble. :-)

Ah, her father supports her, but is sad to see her leave at the same time.

Two years? That's committing to one's drea,.

Now I am reminded who filmed this whole documentary - Laura. Downright spectacular.

I'm already tearing up; this is just too inspiring and admirable.

Laura wants to experience the world, not beat some stupid record. Beautiful intentions, and she follows through.

I don't'... know what to say. This is truly impressive.

15 minutes later; I forgot to write down my thoughts. I don't think this format works for actual amazing movies. I'm too mesmerised to write down a damn thing.

Aw. Cutely inspiring.

Oh, those two. I remember those :'-)

I forgot about that part. :'-(

All of this is more relevant, inspiring, and heartfelt than anything I've ever seen before.

The look in her eyes in different. She is no longer just a girl with a dream; she's a girl living her dream, with all that it entails.

At the equator, the 15 year old Dutch girl sacrifices a pancake to the ocean god. She misses the ocean - but makes it in the second attempt.

Last time I watched this movie I was sober at the beginning, but couldn't handle all the emotions, so I grabbed a few beers. I ended up sitting outside in the rain and thinking about the essence of life.

I forgot about this part. He is dying. He said his goodbyes and went on the trip of his life. :-')

Laura's calmness inspires me. I am quite sure she is one of the reasons why I am the way I am today, even if I never realized it before.

Simple, beautiful, moving. Storytelling at its literal best.

Laura is already feeling like what others think doesn't matter. She is 16. She loves the sea and sailing.

The bad neighborhood of the ocean. Like, real bad.

Honest to a fault. I'm not sure what that means, but this movie feels like it describes the expression fully. Laura wants to do her thing; others want to write about it and make her famous; she just wants to do her thing.

She is honest. The journalist isn't used to that.

The brutally honest thing hits again. Backstories have never been this real and honest.

I think I just now realised the meaning of the phrase "honest to a fault".

She recognizes the difference between needing your parent and appreciating your parent's help. She doesn't need the help - at all - but she still appreciates it.

Oh fuck, I just realized the language of the narrator (Laura) changed somewhere along the way - and I didn't notice. Laura evolved, and so did her narrative.

Laura says "really annoying" - which is code for "I might die". God damn scary - and she refers to it as "an awesome challenge".

This should win an Oscar for cinematography alone. So perfectually shot - especially since it was all real and shot by someone alone on the big wide ocean.

I never truly believed in heroes or role models. But Laura Dekker (and Mahala) showed me that there's things to aspire to.

I never looked up to Superman. I do however, still, truly look up to Laura Dekker.

She knows.

I get it.

It's not the end - and it was ever intended to be.

:'-) She travels the world, then tries to find a place that's good for her, ready to travel on, if it ain't so. My true hero.

Laura Dekker is true.

- - -

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