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Engineer. Hobby photographer. Movie enthusiast. World traveler.
Engineer. Hobby photographer. Movie enthusiast. World traveler.


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The Photos I Take.
The other day I decided that I needed a Chromecast screensaver of my own photos, which made me realize I should probably make a single album for all my personal favorite photos that I take. A nights I did just that. I went through my photos shared to my Photography G+ collection and added most of them to a single album - which I'll try to keep adding new photos to as I capture more of the world.
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Different Ways of Looking Back at Movies from 2017.
As I'm sitting here rewatching the amazing movie Zero Dark Thirty (2012), my perhaps all-time favorite actor (Jessica Chastain) reminded me that it might be time to look back at the movies from 2017 even though I still have quite a few I want to watch but haven't gotten the chance to yet.

Here is a bunch of ways of looking back at the movies that came out in 2017 that I watched.

My 2017 Movie Statistics
- Total movies from 2017 watched (so far): 148 (2016: 169, 2015: 171, 2014: 218, 2013: 210, 2012: 187, 2011: 222, 2010: 175)
- 6 documentaries
- 143 feature/TV films
- 2 mini-series
- 3 short films
- Average rating: 6.6
- Highest rating: 10 (Molly's Game)
- Lowest rating: 3 (The Mummy, Dark Beacon)
- Biggest differences between IMDb rating and my rating: Before I Fall (me: 9, IMDb: 6.4), Molly's Game (me: 10, IMDb: 7.5), Smartass (me: 7, IMDb: 4.5), The Mummy (me: 3, IMDb: 5.5), Le Fidèle (me: 4, IMDb: 6.5)
- Least widespread films watched: Brave Enough (49 IMDb votes), Dark Beacon (144 IMDb votes), Blood Road (176 IMDb votes)
- Most widespread films watched: Logan (~470k IMDb votes), Wonder Woman (~400k IMDb votes)
- Most watched genres (multiple genres per movie): Drama (78), thriller (48), comedy (44), action (39), sci-fi (30), adventure (29), horror (26), romance (14)

My 2017 Movie Oscar Category Winners
- Best Picture: Molly's Game
- Best Director: Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird)
- Best Actress in a Leading Role: Jessica Chastain (Molly's Game) (followed by Saoirse Ronan for Lady Bird)
- Best Actor in a Leading Role: Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out)
- Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Kathryn Newton (Little Women - even though I don't know who's leading and who's supporting in this)
- Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Patrick Stewart (Logan)
- Best Animated Feature: The LEGO Batman Movie
- Best Cinematography: Thelma
- Best Costume Design: Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
- Best Documentary Feature: Icarus
- Best Film Editing: Molly's Game
- Best Foreign Language Film: Thelma
- Best Production Design: Logan
- Best Visual Effects: Wonder Woman
- Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Molly's Game
- Best Writing (Original Screenplay): Thelma

My 2016 Movie Top 10
#10: Get Out
#09: Before I Fall
#08: Brigsby Bear
#07: Wonder Woman
#06: Logan
#05: Little Women
#04: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women
#03: Lady Bird
#02: Thelma
#01: Molly's Game

As it turned out, 2017 was a solid year in movies - espeically in regard to amazing movies without a white male lead.

P.S. Movies from 2017 on my "to-watch" list that I still haven't seen (and thereby not included here): Flower, Losing Sight of Shore, Blame, Gemini, Habit, My Days of Mercy, The Big Sick, Neverknock, One Percent More Humid, The Silent Child).
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My "Art" in My Room.
I sometimes create different kinds of "art" and then put up some of those creations in my living room / kitchen / bedroom (one combined room). Here are the "art pieces" I currently have up.

P.S. The Disney princess soup is not one of my creations.
My "art" in my room
My "art" in my room
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Not My Bucket List.
I'm not one for ever making a bucket list, but since a lot of other people do I thought I'd instead create a list of items from other people's bucket lists that I've actually myself accomplished.

These items are taken from a lot for random people’s bucket lists, shared online - with both big and small "achievements". Sorry upfront for including a lot of “of course”/”duh” “achievements”; I just copied items from other people’s bucket lists that I, if I had had my own bucket list, could’ve marked as done.

Post-writing-list note: I’ve now realized that this is 100 % bragging and has no other value at all. I apologize. I should’ve realized this before even starting the list, but heck, I had had more than one bottle of wine when I started this and have now just finished the 2nd bottle of the evening, so what the heck, let's share this since I made this.

Here you have my “not my bucket list” (aka. “my drunk bragging list, copied what other people hope to do”) - in whatever order I found these items in on random websites.

- See the Grand Canyon (well, I saw flew over it, looking down out the window, so did see it)
- Get in a taxi and say “follow that car” (the details on why doesn’t matter here)
- Climb a vertical cliff side (only about 20 m, but without equipment so it counts)
- Play a game of paintball
- Climb a volcano
- Climb to the top of a tree
- Herd cattle
- Make a snowman
- Build an igloo
- Milk a cow
- Stand under a waterfall
- Start a fire without matches/lighter/etc.
- Swim with uncommon sea creatures (sharks/octopy/sea-monsters/etc.)
- Witness a solar eclipse
- Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger (well, like x100)
- Get published (yes, I have actually gotten some of my writing officially published)
- Create a website (pst, like that’s both my job and my hobby)
- Make a candle
- Make an origami animal
- Attend a film premiere
- Dance on a bar
- Go to a drive-in movie (since I’m from a part of the world there these are extremely rare, this is not a small achievement)
- Be in the newspaper
- Model for a photo shoot (and photos of me were used in real ads)
- Live without ever borrowing money (well, I didn’t see this anywhere (except for “be completely out of debt”) but I added it myself because me soon turning 30 and never having borrowed money kinda seemed like an accomplishment to me)
- Make money on the stock market
- Visit a different continent
- Be someone’s mentor
- Sleep under the stars
- Be invited into a restaurant by the owner after closing and have them personally cook a meal for you (well, nobody had anything this specific on their list, but I know a lot of hopeless romantics out there thought of it (and movies that features this exact thing) - and I actually experienced this)
- Learn how to sail
- Stay at a 5-star hotel
- Fly 1st class
- Learn to juggle
- “Save someone’s life” (in quotes since I would never claim to have saved anyone’s life, but some people have (annoying so) kept telling stories of how I “saved their life”)
- Make a clay pot (quality of that clay pot is not important)
- Go treasure hunting
- Explore an abandoned building
- Visit the Hoover Dam
- Experience Las Vegas
- Ride a Segway
- Sleep on a trampoline
- Build a treehouse
- Create a board game
- Eat chocolate in Switzerland (wtf is special about this?)
- Fly a kite with “my girls” on the beach
- Give a $10,000 gift to charity
- Have a conversation in 2 second languages (English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, and perhaps a few more - a few times, several at once)
- Host a Christmas party for people with nowhere to go
- Kiss Santa Claus
- Ride in a gondola in Venice
- Sleep in a forest
- Start a family Christmas tradition
- Take a road trip (Denmark edition, which does include parts of Germany ‘cause DK is smol)
- Take a spiritual retreat in a cabin (well, I don’t know what this means, but I’m 99 % sure I’ve done it)
- Visit Disneyland (France, for me)
- Throw a surprise birthday party
- Visit 20 countries (well, I took this down from “50 countries” because that’s a kinda insane number)
- Visit Anne Frank’s house (well, I stood outside in the rain while deciding that the queue was too long)
- See the Eiffel Tower IRL
- Water ski
- Drink milk from a cow’s udder (well, I drank it from a cup, but the milk came straight from the udder)
- Fillet a fish
- Go to a vodka lounge (again, not sure what this is, but I think I’ve experienced it)
- Go wine tasting in France
- Go to a beer tasting
- Arrange a beer tasting
- Arrange a Christmas Eve dinner for the whole family
- Arrange a Thanksgiving dinner
- Leave a 100% tip for a server
- Learn to use chopsticks
- Toss pizza dough in the air
- Eat kangaroo meat
- Eat crocodile meat
- Eat frog meat
- Eat something you yourself have killed
- Have a white Christmas
- Send a message in a bottle
- Stay awake for 24 hours (pst, plenty of times)
- Find the meaning of your name (come one, my name is literally “half” “dan(e)” - not much to find out there)
- Give up your seat to someone who need it more (well, that’s just common decency)
- Plant a tree
- Spend the entire day by myself (what? Like, this is some kind of an achievement?)
- Write a short story
- Write a poem
- Hit the archery bulls-eye
- Rescue someone who fell out of kayak/canoe
- Bike more than 100 km in a day
- Ride a Segway
- Go on vacation alone
- Go to a coffee shop in Amsterdam
- Skinny-dip
- Stay in a haunted house
- Cross a country on a bicycle
- Learn to speak another language fluently
- Drink Champagne in Champagne, France (this was even at the vineyard where the champagne was grown)
- Participate in geocaching
- Complete a bachelor’s degree
- Complete a master’s degree
- Finish first in my class
- Get accepted to my dream college
- Ace a course you didn’t attend
- Learn about a new religion (well, back in the day I understood most aspects of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Norse mythology, and Greek mythology)
- Learn archery
- Buy a round of drinks for the whole bar

And I assume this is just the beginning
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Ominous Figure and the Blue Sky.
I know I've shared photos of this same ominous figure sculpture a few time before, but every time I bike past it I can't help stopping to snap a photo.

Sculpture on cloudy day:
Sculpture at sunrise:
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Dark Trees in the Orange Sunset.
On an evening bike ride a week ago the sky began to turn into a beautiful set of colors, so I just had to take some photos; this was one of them.
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Recreating Saturn Devouring His Son - or trying to.
Francisco Goya's painting of Saturn Devouring His Son, that he possibly never intended for anyone to see, has haunted me for weeks or months every time I've ever encountered it.

This evening, after a failed attempt at "art" (encouraged by +Bruce Shark and +Sandy B), I decided to at least try to recreate the single most haunting painting in history. Well, this is how it turned out.

To be honest I'm relieved that I shouldn't recreate the emotional expression that Goya managed to give Saturn. It somehow makes me feel more sane to not be able to recreate that part of the original painting.
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+Bruce Shark and +Sandy B suggested that I should paint something, so after a few glasses of white wine I sat down with some art supplies and just started drawing random shapes. After a little while I tried to tie the shapes together into a coherent thing - and this is what I ended up with.
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Enjoying a glass of white wine this evening I noticed that Catching Fire was on Netflix, so I thought I'd watch it again. It turns out that it's still a pretty good movie - and my thoughts from when I first watched it still ring true.
A Significant Improvement - Review of Catching Fire
I wasn't a huge fan of The Hunger Games (2012) but I still liked it enough for me to look forward to the sequel. To my delight the sequel turned out to be significantly better than its predecessor. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) is actually a borderline great movie.

Catching Fire is not a movie fully able to stand on its own feet. I say this not in reference to its connection to the first movie but rather its connection to what follows, Mockingjay, in sort of the same way as The Fellowship of the Ring led into The Two Towers; absolutely not saying that these two series are even close to being on the same level. The Hunger Games movie series has now begun for me and I am hooked.

In many of the aspects where The Hunger Games failed, Catching Fire succeeded. It was not a straightforward movie with few surprises but rather had multiple layers concerning both the characters and the plot lines. It told several stories simultaneously while only letting the viewer get glimpses and fragments of some of these stories. This was without a doubt my favorite aspect of the movie and kept me glued to the screen for the next part of the bigger puzzle.

Catching Fire is not an amazing movie but still very far from being a bad movie. It does a lot of things better than the first Hunger Games movie while still managing to add new, good ingredients to the mix. The "love triangle" parts are still overplayed and boring but as long as they help finance the movie I won't complain too much. Catching Fire is a worthy sci-fi movie.

(List of all my reviews at
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Leftover Flakes of Ice on Field.
A few weeks ago, after it had been freezing for some time, I noticed all of these flakes of ice on a field while out and about. It was almost as there has been a floating layer of ice on the field and it had broken down. Maybe the field had been flooded and the top layer had iced over.
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