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Intellectual badass, film enthusiast, telecommunications engineer
Intellectual badass, film enthusiast, telecommunications engineer

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What Google+ Means to Me

When I joined Google+ in the invite-only days, I had grown tired of all the other social networking sites I had been using. I joined with hopes of Google+ offering what I felt lacking from Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr - relevant and interesting engagement and conversation. I had no idea of the degree of engagement I would eventually encounter online, and even offline, because of Google+.

The early days on Google+ weren't exactly lively - but within not too long I began encountering some of the same people in comment threads discussing various topics that interested me. This is where my perception of the potential of Google+ began to change from Google+ being a place with interesting people to discuss interesting topics with to Google+ also being a place to make new friends. I had made what I consider to be my first two Google+ friends - +Dirk Reul and +Sarah Rios - and my real Google+ experience had begun.

Time went on with numbers increasing and, more importantly, engagement increasing. I could always find someone to talk to about the newest episode of a TV series, the latest tech news, or simply have some good fun with. Google+ had long ago become my home online and I had made many new friends here. Then on one fateful December evening in 2013 I was trying to figure out my plan’s for New Year’s Eve as I no longer was able to continue my 6 year tradition of hosting an elaborant New Year’s Eve party. An idea struck me and I dropped +Scott Cramer a message to hear if we could get something working with me joining him and +Keith Cramer for New Year's. +Scott Cramer informed +Keith Cramer about my idea and we got the ball rolling. After less than a week I had bought my plane ticket and the plan was a go. I now had something I was looking forward to far more than Christmas - my first visit to the US and my first meetup with anyone from Google+.

On December 28th I arrived in the US and experienced first Chicago, Illinois with +Keith Cramer and his family and then Fort Wayne, Indiana where I welcomed 2014 with a whole bunch of amazing people, many of whom I had come to know through Google+; even +Dirk Reul dropped by wish us a happy New Year on video hangout from Germany. This was all a truly remarkable experience for me. (Summaztion post:

After I arrived back in Denmark, and the high from the experience had begun to fade, it didn't take long for me to begin to plan taking +Lori Cramer up on her invitation for me to come back in the summer and to see her family lake cottage. I started the planning, this time wanting to spend more that just a couple of days in the US. The plans began to come together and almost exactly 7 months after leaving the US, I was back. This time around the trip was quite unstructured and laidback. I had only ordered a plane ticket from Copenhagen to Chicago and another from Austin, Texas to Copenhagen two weeks later; everything else we would figure out on the go - with me staying with the Cramers in Fort Wayne and +Kyla Myers  and +Capin Chip in Austin. During these two weeks I got to meet up with a bunch of other people who I’d come to know through Google+ - and also met even more new great people. It was a relaxing and still eventful two weeks - and exactly what I needed. Another great experience that only came to be because of Google+. (Summaztion post:

To me, Google+ is not just a social networking platform - it is a place where I met a lot of people who I hold dear - it is a place where I am going to meet even more amazing people - and it is a place where interesting conversation take place, where great content is shared, and where elaborate shenanigans get started. Google+ is my home online, no doubt about it.

Thank you (in no particular order and forgetting quite a few):
+Dirk Reul, +Sarah Rios, +Scott Cramer, +Keith Cramer, +Lori Cramer, +Kyla Myers, +Capin Chip, +Sean Cowen, +Blaine Hall, +Lise Bjerregaard Nielsen, +Kent Oldhøj, +Sandy B, +Kristi Fahlsing, +Jo Lane, +Mar Mai, +Mary C., +Christy Pemberton, +Tawnya Holloway, +Marcus Holloway, +Lily Guevara, +Daniel Koeker, +Brittany Samples, +Charles Samples, +Maddie Cramer, +Charlie Cramer, +Charlie Hoover, +Christie Stephens, +Jayme Hancock, +Tiffao 티파니, +Mike Elgan, +Yonatan Zunger, +Thomas Stephens, +Andrea Rocha, +Glenn Meisner, +Deb Meisner, +Jessica Stamets, +Luke Stamets, +Kimberly Chapman, +Mz Maau, +Chris Mallory, +Mellie B, +Melanie Bendis, +Sherilynn Macale, +Michelle C, +Terry McNeil, +Kay Shaw, +Farran Lee, +Kari Tedrick, +Henni Tenhunen, +Michael Bennett, +Lex Larson, +Amanda Rachelle Warren, +Bliss Morgan, +Mark Traphagen, +Yoon-Mi Kim, +angelique b, +Annie Yim, +Lerato Majikfaerie, +Damian Sanchez, +Andrew Clifton-Brown, +Lina Witzner, +DeAno Jackson, +Carter Gibson, +李麟, +Meirav M., +Eduardo Carrillo, and so many more - yes, even +Fluffy McSharkah Khan and +Bruce Shark.

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Different Ways of Looking Back at Movies from 2016
I started creating this post before the end of 2016 - but then I realized how many movies from 2016 I still hadn't gotten a chance to watch, so I postponed it a bit. Now some time has gone by and I've watched even more of the movies from 2016 that I was looking forward to (though not all).

Here is a bunch of ways of looking back at the movies that came out in 2016 that I watched.

My 2016 Movie Statistics
- Total movies from 2016 watched (so far): 132 (2015: 121, 2014: 207, 2013: 208, 2012: 184, 2011: 221, 2010: 173)
- 7 documentaries
- 120 feature/TV films
- 4 mini-series
- 1 short film
- Average rating: 6.7
- Highest rating: 9 (Split, Miss Sloane, Moonlight, Moana, Arrival, The Accountant, Morgan, Captain Fantastic, Amanda Knox, Zootopia, Deadpool)
- Lowest rating: 2 (Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens)
- Biggest differences between IMDb rating and my rating: Morgan (me: 9, IMDb: 5.8), The Monster (me: 8, IMDb: 5.3), Almost Adults (me: 8, IMDb: 5.5)
- Least widespread films watched: Fight for Space (19 IMDb votes), Sidekick (61 IMDb votes), All This Panic (112 IMDb votes)
- Most widespread films watched: Deadpool (~610k IMDb votes), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (~470k IMDb votes), Captain America: Civil War (~400k IMDb votes)
- Most watched genres (multiple genres per movie): Drama (61), thriller (45), comedy (43), adventure (34), action (31), sci-fi (29)

My 2016 Movie Oscar Category Winners
- Best Picture: Captain Fantastic
- Best Director: Denis Villeneuve (Arrival)
- Best Actress in a Leading Role: Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane) (closely followed by Anya Taylor-Joy for Split and Morgan and The VVitch)
- Best Actor in a Leading Role: Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic)
- Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Janelle Monáe (Moonlight)
- Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)
- Best Animated Feature: Moana
- Best Cinematography: Arrival
- Best Costume Design: Rogue One
- Best Documentary Feature: Amanda Knox
- Best Film Editing: Split
- Best Foreign Language Film: Ah-ga-ssi (The Handmaiden)
- Best Production Design: The Neon Demon
- Best Visual Effects: Arrival
- Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Moonlight
- Best Writing (Original Screenplay): Captain Fantastic

My 2016 Movie Top 10
#10: Zootopia
#09: Deadpool
#08: Amanda Knox
#07: Split
#06: Moonlight
#05: The Accountant
#04: Miss Sloane
#03: Arrival
#02: Moana
#01: Captain Fantastic

In conclusion, 2016 was a step up from 2015, which was honestely an overall disappointment as far as movies goes - with only two amazing movies: The Final Girls and The Martian. 2016 managed to provide a buttload of amazing mvoies, thereby stepping up to some of the earlier years like 2014 (Whiplash, Love, Rosie, Rudderless, Kingsman, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lego Movie), and 2013 (ReMoved, Maidentrip, The Best Offer, Short Term 12, Stoker, Family Weekend, Evil Dead, The Book Theif, Begin Again).

P.S. Movies from 2016 on my "to-watch" list that I still haven't seen (and thereby not included): Deuteronomy 24:16, Vincent N Roxxy, Falsely Accused, Lovesong, The Journey Is the Destination)

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8 Years Later
I don't know how, but a few minutes ago I found my father's obituary without looking for it (truly). This made me realize, I have honestly never seen this before.

While I never thought about what my farther's obituary would be, this somehow seems exactly like what I thought it would be like.


My beloved husband, our strong father
My dear son, our brother, brother-in-law, and uncle
Palle Reschat
Born March 5, 1956. Passed away January 25, 2009
Fought to the last and passed away peacefully
Halfdan, Jonas, and Karen
Siblings and siblings-in-law
The burial takes place Tuesday, February 3rd
14:00 at Vilstrup Church


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Backside of Police Station and Forrest
Google thought it was worth to "stylize" this photo of a local police building and some trees. I guess it is okay?

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Thinning Forrest
Two weeks ago I went out for a walk to clear my head. Here is one of the photos I took while out on my walk.

Review of Luc Besson
I have recently been led to believe that Twitter threads is the thing of the now by a certain unnamed someone (<cough> +Yonatan Zunger </cough>), so this evening I spewed out a bunch of tweets about my love for Luc Besson movies.

Here (and on

- - -

After rewatching Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec this evening I began thinking back on Luc Besson's other movies. Thread!

Let's start from the beginning. Léon (1994). The first Luc Besson movie I watched - and the only Besson movie I would give a perfect score.

Léon is everything a quiet thriller should be - and more. This is one fucking emotionally captivating movie - and one I dearly love.

Next on is Taxi (1998) - a movie I first was introduced to by a childhood friend who had it on VHS. It was a magnificent experience.

Going by the order in which I saw these, the next one is The Fifth Element (1997). Do I need to say anything about this one? Wow. Just wow!

I think ~9 years went by before I again saw a Besson movie I hadn't seen before. The next one I watched was Banlieue 13 (District 13)(2004).

D13 was a total surprise to me. I knew nothing about it (especially not that it was Besson) - but I loved it; and, no surprise, made by Luc.

Next one on the list I seeked out because of Besson. Unleashed/Danny the Dog (2005). Could have been dumb - but was heartfelt and much more.

Later came Taken (2008), which everyone knows. It has later become a joke, but the movie was damn great, no doubt about it.

And, then came Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec (2010). Such a fucking, amazing, and brilliant movie. One of the best.

At this point I was at university and had introduced my dorm mates to the amazing world that is Luc Besson's movies (especially d'Adèle).

A new Besson movie - Lockout (2012) - came out while I lived at the dorm. We all watched it together. Best group experience ever!

Lockout (2012) was the epitome of Luc Besson movies, aimed at a drunk, sci-obsessed audience - which were us. We loved it!

At this point I had begun looking forward to every Besson movie. And the next I had my eye on was The Family (2013).

The Family (2013) wasn't like the other Besson movies - but still a movie I couldn't help loving; mainly due to it's amazing characters.

Now Luc Besson were kinda mostly known for his over-the-top action movies, with the "over-the-top" referring to premise most of all.

And then came Lucy (2014); a movie premise so stupid, I simply couldn't help watching it. And it was stupid - but still damn straight great.

This concludes me reminiscing about Luc Besson movies (and ignoring sequels). Luc, you rock - keep making movies. <3

- - -

(List of all my reviews at

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Surprising and Brilliant - Review of Miss Sloane
I am long time admirer of Jessica Chastain's acting due too, well, everything I've ever seen her in. So when I learned that there was a movie named Miss Sloane (2016) with Chastain in the title role I did everything I could to not know a single other thing about the movie (successfully) to fully enjoy it. And, boy, did it pay off. I was completely blown away by the movie - which my tweets from right after finishing the movie might indicate. I loved this movie - and the less I tell you about it, the better. So.

(List of all my reviews at

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Equal Opportunity != Fair Equality
Here is a very post G+ post - all the way back from 2012.

Here is an interesting recent article by +Craig Froehle about the life of this way of explaining equality to conservatives:

(h/t +Kristin Moran)

Donald Doesn't Know Shit
After Trump won the the US presidency he were expected to call the strategic partners all over the world. A lot of leaders of a lot countries were "sitting by the phone" for the 24 hours after Donald was declared winner of the US Presidential election, expecting a call -- or not.

In Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Danish Prime Minister) wasn't expecting a call at all - especially since almost no one in Denmark cares about who Donald Trump is and it is unlikely Donald knows that Denmark even exists.
This however didn't stop a call from coming in from the Trump's secretary, asking the Danish Prime Minister to hold for Trump (President Elect).

Donald came on the phone, congratulated the Danish Prime Minister (why?), and then proceeded to mention that he had a Danish intern - Nancy. Donald then proceeded to try to put Nancy on the phone (who turned out to only have a Danish grandfather, who she may or may not ever have met).

That was pretty much the gist of the conversation between Donald and the Danish Prime Minister.

Though, the best part of this story is the way Donald introduced his intern Nancy to the Danish Prime Minister. And I quote:
Donald: "Nancy, you can never guess who I have on the phone!"
Nancy: <Sigh> "Who?"
Nancy: <Sigh>


Donald Trump introduced the Danish Prime Minister as "the fucking king of Denmark" to his intern "Nancy". This is so expected that it doesn't even matter anymore, which is several degrees of fucked up. Sad.

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After criticizing The Voice on Twitter this evening I wanted to share this post of mine about overcoming the terrible situation that is being a first-timer on The Voice.
The Voice
The room is big - like, really big - and intimidating as hell to anyone who isn't used to this kind of spectacle. The girl - heck, barely a teenager - takes her first step onto the stage, hesitates for a second, then keeps walking. She is going to do this - damn the limit others put on her - but, more importantly, damn the limit she has put on herself.

The music starts playing. Now it is her turn. She is as guarded as she can be, walking onto a stage like this. Her shoulders are up, guarding her. Her head is down in anticipation of the inevitable punch to her gut. This is not her scene - she is not where she is home - this is not her. But this is where she is.

The first node hits and she starts singing. Her voice carries though the room that feels like it never ends.

Her song is filling the room - embracing the room. Some people cheer - most sit back in anticipation.

It is no longer the anticipating silence that is filling the room. It is her voice. The spectators welcome it. Though, still, she is hesitant. She is held back. Her voice is guarded. It is felt.

On the stage in front of her are four chairs. Each with their back turned towards the stage - their back turned on her. Each with people of musical significant sitting in them. Each of which with the power to determine her fate. She is singing to the backs of four chairs - with any of them being able to decide whether she makes it or not.

She sings. She sings her heart out. You can hear and feel the passion - and the nerves. There is something holding her back. She sings - but it is not felt. This is not her stage - not her scene - not her. These professional and talented musicians have literally their backs turned on her. This is not good.

She keeps going. The song is hers - even if the stage isn't. She does what she knows - she sings. Hesitantly. But she sings. Beautifully.

Suddenly, a chair turns. A gasp is sensed in her song. And like that the teenage girl's voice strengthens hundredfold. The momentary excitement among the audience about the chair turning instantly disappear in utter and complete awe over the beautiful and powerful voice surrounding everyone and everything. The strength of the voice is all that anyone can comprehend - if even that. The chair turning is insignificant to the spectators - all they feel is the power of her voice - her song.

The song - her song - is filling the room; though in a different way than before. It is felt. This is not longer an audience of spectators listening to a song - this is people, each experiencing something extraordinary. Her voice carries them - each of them - through the journey of the song. A powerful and emotional journey. They might not know it yet - as she do not either - but this a truly pure and good moment in their lives. They feel her voice and the song. They are quiet in awe. She sees it - and it strengthens her song even more. She sings her heart out. It is felt.

The girl is still singing - as she were a few seconds before. She is still just a teenage girl on a stage way too big for her. This is still not her scene. But in this moment it doesn't matter. She is singing with a power that she never knew was in her. In this moment - this is her stage - this is her. She is allowing herself to let people know that this is her. Her voice is not just a voice - her voice is her. They feel it. She feels it. It is felt.

It is felt.
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