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Engineer. Hobby photographer. Movie enthusiast. World traveler.


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The Photos I Take.
The other day I decided that I needed a Chromecast screensaver of my own photos, which made me realize I should probably make a single album for all my personal favorite photos that I take. A nights I did just that. I went through my photos shared to my Photography G+ collection and added most of them to a single album - which I'll try to keep adding new photos to as I capture more of the world.
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Orange Morning Sun Hitting the Snow Covered Ground.
Apparently some fresh snow fell last night - but this morning the sky was clear, which made for a beautiful and light morning.
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Wooden Construction.
This is how this big, interesting wooden construction looked from the inside. I'm still not sure what it is or the purpose of it - but most of it looked constructed using old viking woodwork techniques.
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Watching 17 Again and Rambling.
The other day (yesterday?) I watched a 17-minute YouTube video about why the movie 17 Again (2009) is Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell's favorite movie of all time ( Why? Heck, I don't know; but it did made me realize that I really should get around to actually watching 17 Again - and that's exactly what I'm going to do right now; though not without writing down my rambling stream of consciousness throughout the movie.

Here we go...

- - -

That looks like an abandoned school.

Intro with a shirtless Zac Efron making hoop after hoop after hoop?

Okay, this movie goes right for the throat plot with it's first lines of dialogue pretty much setting up a big part of the plot.

Second part of dialogue explains how Zac is a good guy, looking out for the little guy.

To be honest the tempo of this movie is too fast for me to write down my rambling thoughts (or I just got too caught up by it and had to rewind a few minutes to remember to write something).

That is one wicked cheerleader scene - with Zac joining in for no reason at all - knowing all the moves.

This feels extremely over acted. Is that on purpose?

Zac's girlfriend there - is that, what-her-face, from that short run TV series with Matthew Perry?
(Yes it was! Allison Miller in house!)

Come on, Zac. Can't you see she's nervous about talking with you about something serious? Stop with the jokes.

Oh. You stopped with the jokes and asked her honestly if she's okay. Huh. I didn't see that moment of sincerity coming.

Wow. A gigantic shift just happened. What is going on? (Well, I know due to the YouTube video - but let's pretend I don't know any spoilers.)

This is his big decision - the Sport or the girl.

Oh, she's pregnant - and he's referring to the child as his "future". That's upfront dedication from a teenage athlete.

Wow, that's one beautifully shot hallway scene.

Fast forward, eh, 30 years? What's the age difference between Zac Efron and Matthew Perry again?

Cool, he's still good friends with that small Nerd - who now has elf ears for some reason.

Perry definitely thinks he is going to get a promotion. Everyone can see a mile away that's not happening.

Bluetooth Earpiece Douchebag is really damn annoying.

Is TGI Fridays a place you can go to? Also, chanting anything IN AN ELEVATOR is never a good idea.

Ooh, the magic janitor.

Score, endless zooming, and dialogue are all pointing at this being the pissing in the magical fountain freaky Friday situation.

What, he has an daughter? Who’s Buffy's Sister?

That's some serious next level sass from Buffy's Sister.

Hell yeah! Leslie Mann!!!

Leslie is looking badass carrying that tree.

Aww, Leslie is sad, so I'm so sad too.

Possed car radio in a thunderstorm?

This is so bad CGI I wouldn't exactly know what it was supposed to be if the spoiler YouTube video hadn't explained it.

Oh, wow, big surprise. He turned into his 17-year old self.

Nerd has an axe?

Is Nerd dead?

Nope. And now he has a sword.

This is way more action-packed than I expected.

Lightsaber fight!!!

And they even reenact actual scenes from Star Wars™.

"It appears in the literature" <makes gesture towards piles and piles of comic books> Perfection!

Everything here is extremely straightforward and they even takes the time to explain what's going on out loud, in case there were any confusion.

So he's supposed to relieve his youth?

How is Nerd playing three video games at once?

This is kinda like Never Been Kissed mixed with Big.

What kind of teenager has a barb wire neck tattoo? (You know the answer.)

Instead of typical romantic music doing a "love at first sight"-scene, Nerd has some Lord of the Rings type music playing instead. I like it.

Where do I know this principal from?

Calling your "son" a bastard in order to imply that you're single is kinda weird.

Nerd was extremely creepy there. What kinda man asks, out of the blue, if he can smell a woman's hair?

Wait, wait, wait. Is that the actress from that one movie, which I can't think of now, but somehow still kinda maybe still remembers?

Zac definitely doesn't know how to wear a cap.

Shopping montage?

Sigh. It just skipped to the result of the shopping montage.

Wait, now Zac looks exactly like he did in High School Musical. Not really a look that demands a second glance.

How does he not know how to answer a phone?

I think that girl just made a sex-joke - but I didn't understand it. Shit, I’m old.

Oh, it's only been 20 years (not 30). Wait, so why is his 20-year-old daughter in high school? And in the same class as his fake ass 17-year-old self?

So the coach hasn't aged a day in 20 years? Is he some kind of god? Eh, this is not even top 20 of most unbelievable parts of this movie.

This is next level bullying. How is still not illegal?

Zac's fake story about how nobody knows him is apparently extremely believable for the only reason that his “dad” is a damn creepy nerd.

Barb Wire Neck-Tattoo Guy looks like a dehydrated undead zombie meth-addict on bath salts.

Oh, no (yes?). A public duel of egos in the middle of the cafeteria.

This movie makes it look like the experience/ego of an older man can outwit a teenager at any time. Or at least if it's Matthew Perry's mind in Zac Efron's body.

Is he some kind of ballet dancer? I mean that in a complementary way.

That is the most disgusting sandwich ever. Heck, anchovies would be an improvement.

Hoop after hoop after hoop. Like father like son.

Leslie is back. Will she recognize Zac? Come on, she's been together with him for 20 years - she should be able to recognize him (even Nerd did so).

Yes! She does see the resemblance - and reacts by completely inappropriately (if he had been a normal teenager) touching and squeezing his face. This is amazing!

"You're not allowed to smell teenagers" says the one nearly 40-year-old woman to the other.

This scene might have been kinda creepy if it hadn't been Leslie Mann. Now it is just adorable and hilarious.

Wait; has Leslie Mann ever won an Oscar? Because she should've.

Girl who was just a second ago visibly turned on by Zac is now visibly repulsed by him. What happened? He made a plead for everyone to be sexual abstinent. Girl, your reaction is very much appropriate.

I know this scene might seem way unrealistic to many. A guy stand up in class and makes a speech about how he believes sex should be saved for marriage for creating life, while all the teenagers scoff at him. Though, since Zac is an old man on the inside, this is just another adult man lecturing teenagers about how "sex is bad" - and I kinda fully believe that this scene is a realistic representation of what an US father would say to a sex-ed class his daughter is in. This is truly the kinda "confidence" (or arrogance) an adult man has when talking to teenagers.

Why are all the girls (and guys?) swooning over his speech about not having sex?

Oh, just two guys having a skafoffle (spell?) on top of a pile of condoms. Normal US high school stuff.

Nerd, what the fuck are you wearing? (I tried to explain his look - but I just can't. It's too much of everything.)

Oh, he's peacocking.

Okay, that was the first time I've ever seen someone sit down in such an extravagant fashion that they managed do present their backside on silver platter, before finally hitting the chair.

If Leslie got together with Zac in this movie, it would, plot wise, actually be pretty darn okay, since she has been with him before (when she was the same age) and kinda still is married to him. So, I'm all for Leslie getting a piece of this.

Montage of Zac getting along with Leslie and their son. I like this. Now, where's the him getting along with his daughter part?

Wow. Leslie can really make a beautiful (though maybe a bit extravagant) garden.

Oh. I'm suddenly really feeling the Zac and Leslie connection. She deserves to be happy - and he seems to make her.

I really dig the aspect of this movie where Zac isn't interested in any of the teenage girls; he only have eyes for Leslie.

Zac is really nailing the Matthew Perry mannerisms.

Again with this girl who for some reason makes octopuses jump to my mind when I see her. What the hell is up with that? Where do I know her from? WTF is up with my memory here?

Finally - Zac is trying to talk with his daughter about her getting dump Barb Wire Neck-Tattoo Guy. Of course it didn't go well - but at least he tried.

Wait. Leslie wasn't been back to her kids' school in 20 years? That... that makes no sense.

Something seems very deliberate about what Zac is doing in this out-of-nowhere sports game. What is he up to?

Oh, I think he might be trying to set up his son to become the hero of the game.

Yep. Yep. Yep. That’s exactly what happened.

Nerd, this is harassment - not romantic courting (wait, is that even a word?).

This movie is kinda succeeding in making me see Matthew Perry when Zac Efron is on screen.

Ah, shit. Now Zac's daughter is way too into him (since she doesn't know he is her father).

Nerd - you act way, way, way, way, way too douchey. That's not something anyone wants. Stop it!

Ah, for fuck's sake. How is knowing that Gandalf the Grey returns as Gandalf the White suddenly perceived as niece knowledge? How is this the crowning moment of the Principal-v-Nerd romance? Sigh times a million.

What made that scene even worse was that the music was only kinda almost slightly similar to Howard Shore's original and brilliant score; it is kinda a disgrace to attempt to relate that to this horseshit.

Ew. She is... ew... while carashing his... ew... For fuck sake, this is father and daughter.

Phew. She backed off the second she thought he was gay. Wait, he clearly wasn't into it - why didn't persist so intensely?

Okay, so the nerd-off apparently included speaking elvis - which is fair to say isn't something most people know. So at least they had that in common.

Ooooh! Leslie is at Zac's teenage party. This is going to be interesting.

Pause. This is just fucking ridiculous. This movie is attempting to make the viewer believe that Nerd got the new Halo game SIX MONTHS (!!!) before release-date? Sigh. Do they even know what the software release cycle is like for anything, let alone a Microsoft game production? This is the most unrealistic part of this movie!

She whistled so loud the music stopped?

Leslie Mann is still utterly amazing and the best thing about this movie.

Women and girls lining up to slap Zac Efron in the face. Psthst.

Wait, that wasn't a fake slap. Zac Efron was for real just slapped in the face multiple times. Since I think I think he fully agreed to it - I do approve of this and fully aspire to experience this myself.

Nerd is a douche. I do not like him. He doesn't do this extravaganza due to him wanting to help his friend - he does it because he thinks its cool to do.

Oh, this is kinda interesting - and the way it is presented is kinda perfect.

Why is Zac Efron such a great actor? This scene is ridiculous, but stil... :'-(

Awww, this is utterly heartbreaking and perfectly acted - with even "The Greatest" by Cat Power playing. This is exactly how a ridiculous movie can turn into something that pulls at my heartstrings.

Wait, I've seen this before. Isn't this a repeat of the opening scene?

The daughter is really not getting any redeeming characteristics in this movie, is she.

Shit. Again with this nerd shit. No, this is not romantic - it is just weird and creepy.


Shit, shit, shit. This is the exact same scene, all over again - and that is exactly what makes it perfect.

Aw, back to this beautifully shot scene again.

Awww, Perry professing his love for Leslie. I love this.

DAMN!!! Leslie grabbing and squeezing Perry's face (again) is even better.

"The End". Wait. What?

Post-credit scene is a giant pun. Yep, I love it.

Heck, this was a pretty amazing movie. Huh. Yea. I think I actually really liked it.

- - -

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Watching Pitch Perfect 3 I saw a flying shark and thought "I've seen that before". Yep, 233 weeks ago.
More Flying Shark Auto Awesomeness
Since I'm still at work I thought I'd bring you another #AutoAwesome photo of the flying shark we have floating around here.

No one was controlling the shark; it was simply a draft that made it turn and flying towards me.

My earlier post:
Animated Photo
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Snow-Covered Forrest Road.
I liked how the thin, dark trees framed the snowy road with the open space at the end, so I snapped this photo.
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Wooden Structure in Snowy Field.
I'm not entirely sure what this right on the right was - but it looked like it was built using viking era techniques (likely related to the nearby viking village).
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Viking Village in the Snow.
Denmark hasn't gotten the message that springtime should begin to be here and it has instead had one way too cold week, ending with a little snow. Yesterday I took a bike ride and captured a few photos of the snowy scenery.
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Watching the Live Action Jem and the Holograms and Rambling.
Along ago, back in 2015 or 2014, I saw the trailer for the live-action Jem and the Holograms movie and I got a bit excited for the movie. Though, then after it came out, it got some pretty terrible reviews, so I ended up just never giving it a shot.

Though this evening, after watching two Oscar-nominated movies, I thought "what the hell". However, since this is potentially terrible, I think you know what I have to do - write down my rambling stream of consciousness throughout the movie.

Here we go...

- - -

Wait, this is a 2-hour movie? What am I getting myself into.

Starting out logo music is kinda nice. Huh.

Clip-intro - with some pretty decent stuff. This is kinda nice. I may or may not be getting goosebumps.

What?!?!? I kinda really this so far. Though to be fair, we're only 3 minutes in.

Yeee! It's the girls-like-girl actress.

And the girls-like-girl singer?!?!?

Tragic backstory that makes me feel feelings and say awww. :'-(

Okay, that was one great intro to the movie. How is this movie going to let me down?

No, her hair is not a mess - but you still improved it.

Why does all of this feel so familiar? Did I once get blackout drunk and watch this before? Please tell me I didn't do a rambling post of this already?

Aww. The yelling and fighting stopped when the mother (?) asked for them to start singing.

That mother is awesome. These girls are awesome. This is all kinda awesome. :-)

Not "mother" - "aunt". Got it.

"No results found for "Jem and the Holograms" Reschat." - Google. Huh, if I've seen this before Google doesn't know.

They are creating a music video - but the synthesized sound is kinda... terrible. The visuals are cool and fun though.

Ah, now I see why they did that. They want some contrast to when the main character starts singing - alone in her room.

I'm still confused about what part of this movie is going to be terrible. Acting? Great. Scenography? Great? Interesting? Yes. Moving? Yes. Entertaining? Yes. - So what is going to go wrong? Sorry - I'm too focused on the whole "people tell me this is a terrible movie" part.

Aww. She hides her insecurities with some makeup to be became brave enough to share her talent with the internet.

Awww. She is smiling when hearing her sister singing. :-)

Awwww. They all are. :-D

Girls supporting girls. I'm all here for that.

Kimberly, I know you did that with the best of intentions, but maybe not the best thing to do with asking your sister first. Still, kudos for believing in and supporting your sister.

There is so much joy. I love it!

"You're way more than water-skiing squirrel." - That's an interesting compliment.

Where have I seen this actress who plays Aunt? She reminds me of some kind of classic movie.

The Aunt is really sweet and supporting. I like her.

Jem really not bending concerning bringing her sisters with her. I love it.

Oh, I really hope this isn't going in the classic Josie and the Pussycats direction.

Okay, who is this? Slow walk up intro with camera aimed at her feet while rock music is playing? This gotta be someone real powerful.

Ooh, and she kicked the skateboard!!! Real bad-ass introduction.

Juliette!!! Yes. She's a real natural born killer - and in this movie she is apparently killing it in the music industry.

Wait, they're leaving with that Lady the second they meet her? Is this how it works when opportunity knocks?

Hey Lady - don't disrespect Aunt.

This feels a lot like binging a series. Like one of those with 10-20 minute episodes. Huh - maybe more people would have liked this if it was released as a mini-series.

Dude, you don't have the right to wish anyone luck with their style, the way you look. Pst! PrettyBoy™.

Wait, Lady is giving style advice to the girls?

Lady is rude. How is acting this way okay?

NO! Those earrings were made by her sister? Don't insult them and put them away like that!

This feels A LOT like Josie and the Pussycats movie, with a slightly more realistic twist to it.

Makeover montage! This is fun.

Hayley's character kinda makes me thing of how I think Hayley is IRL. Lighthearted and fun in a sincere way.

Oh. Jem completely set up PrettyBoy™ for that burn.

Wait, wait, wait. It seems like things are getting weird.

And just as I wrote that, the narrator said "this is where it gets weird".

Wait, is this a sci-fi movie?

Oh, I think I know where this is going in an extremely specific way. Jem's father created an AI robot based of himself for his daughter to find after his death. Did I watch this movie before?
[Post movie note: Nope.]

So far, yes, that is what is happening.

Sigh, the sister's technobabble is terrible!

I know they present this as happy and fun, but I kinda think it is sad (in a heartfelt, emotional way). The father created a final adventure for his daughter for her to experience after he passed away. :'-)

That is one high-tech robot.

I do like that all of the sisters are caught up in this adventure and having a good time - but I still can't help but think of the thoughts of Jem's father while preparing this adventure for this daughter while dying. This is more moving that "romantic" movie where that guy left a GB adventure of letters for his girlfriend to find after his death. Yes, _Jem and the Holograms" is nailing its sidestory of a past loved one's messages from beyond the grave better than that one specific movie where it was its main plot-line.

Hayley being the first to jump off the pier into the oceans at night - and even yelling with joy while doing so. No surprise there. :-)

Aw. The sisters are singing on the beach, a cappella. I love this.

Wait, the PrettyBoy™ jumps in? Heh. This is cheesy as fuck - but I kinda really love the joy of this scene.

Damn, Lady sounds like she kinda knows how to drive internet hype.

The sisters being being super happy on Jem's behalf is what I'm here for.

YAY! "Love Myself" is playing as Jem and the Holograms make their first public appearance.

These sisters are still ecstatic for and supporting each other. This is amazing.

The editing is still that of web-series with 10-minute episodes and not that of a 2-hour movie.

Their first performance together and I'm kinda feeling it. :-)

I feel like they had so much fun making this movie.

What's happening? This might be great, might be terrible.

Goosebumps. Yep, this is great.

If this happened in real life, it would be absolutely legendary. (Also pretty damn hard to pull off - but I'll suspend disbelief for a moment here.)

These VHS flashbacks are really pulling at my heartstrings.

They got The Rock in this? :-D

Come on, movie. You're really telling me that Jem (with her 3 awesome sisters) "got no-one to talk to" and has to turn to PrettyBoy™ for a heart-to-heart? Pst!

Wait, isn't Jem supposed to be like 16, while PrettyBoy™ looks like he's in his early 30's? Why is he hitting on her?

Wait, were I supposed to care for PrettyBoy™ and think that it is tragic for him to move to a different project in his mother's company?

Oh. No. Does this mean what I think it seems? Is Aunt losing the girls and will they be forced apart?

Lady not understanding the value in the sisters together is the part about her that confuses me the most. This is some cynical, out-of-touch, old-school thinking.

I think this exact scene was in Josie and the Pussycats too. Though this time around they really put the emotional blackmail on thic.

Argh. She signed (just like Josie). :-(

This first scene of the sisters honestly being disappointed, upset, and angry with one another is heartbreaking. This is no fun. :'-(

Oh, this concert is going to feel hollow without the sisters.

I think I recognize that voice. Is that Jem singing or someone else?

Still, beautifully shot music video. Definitely some Sia inspirations.

Aww. The sisters just wanted to do this thing together and Lady manipulated Jem into destroying that.

No, this is not "a band¹ breaking up". This is a band² OF SISTERS breaking up. Not okay. :'-(

Wait, did they cut out an important scene or am I missing something big here?

Quoting a Beyonce song in order to tell your sisters you love them. Perfection!

Hayley instantly apologizing for bringing along a boy. :-P

A callback to the solution to the sisters not getting along. This kinda great. :'-)

Sorry, I zoned out for a minute there; when did this suddenly go turn into a heist movie?

Chromecast for the rescue?

Valey Brad's music is awful. Fully expected.

Did Kimberly just hack a giant music production company?

Nope, that was Hayley. I kinda like that I could think that two of the sisters were able of doing this.

Damn! Jem's father really was next-gen with the tech he created.

This being the climax of the movie is absolutely unexpected and completely heart-wrenching. This is way better than I had ever hoped for.

Aww! The father considers his AI robot a she. Of course he does. With his immense love for his daughter, of course his work would reflect that. :'-)

Father working in his lab, hugging his daughter and him saying "I'm working on my greatest creation" - referring to his daughter and not his work. :'-)

Jem together with her sisters again is still the best thing.

Why am I crying? Wasn't this supposed to be a shit movie? How the fuck can a shit movie introduce a short Instagram montage that brings me to tears? I can't. This is a great movie.

Okay, that plot-line and plot twist were completely unnecessary. But still, it's good to see Lady get what she deserves.

You know those movies that feels like they're ending? But then they go on and then feel like they're ending? And then goes on and just keep doing this? Well, this.

I suddenly got the point of the movie - when it was explicitly said out loud. We are all Jem. :-P

I really want to rewatch all Hayley music videos now - especially Girls Like Girls.

Ooh, another personal video montage - and it is amazing.

I kinda love this. :-)

Side note: This location looks exactly like that one mall map from L4D. Not important - it caught my eye.

Sigh. Of course it had to end with Jem making out with PrettyBoy™. Sigh.

And the credits rolls - with a pretty decent song.

Wait, how the fuck was this supposed be a terrible movie? I kinda really liked it.

Post-credit scene? Oh, what is this???

Lady enters abandoned place.

Wait, who are these ladies?

Previous pop girl group hanging out in abandoned building in full makeup?


I like these girls.

Who said "wait" from the back there?


Is this a setup for a sequel? I'm definitely up for that. Wait, that didn't happen... Oh... :-(

Are these girls cannibals or something? They definitely acted in that sorta way.

Okay, now the movie is completely over, right? And ending with some quiet sad credit music, eh?

Post movie note:
My rating of this movie is the exact same as the average rating of <18 year old girls - while everyone else seem to have hated (HATED!) it - with them on average giving it 3.6/10, which is kinda unheard of for big budget movies like this; same rating as The Room (2003) btw.
This movie had A LOT of things going for it - and it executed a lot of things really well. I think the problem for most people were the format - even if they didn't realize so. This 2-hour movie should have been 14-20 episodes of around 10 minutes. Then it would have been absolutely perfect in regard to how the many stories were told and how the movie was edited. Still, watching the movie as if binging a web series still worked and I kinda really liked it. This was a good movie! :-)

- - -

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251 New Series, Each Reviewed in One Word.
I have a habit of giving as many new "TV" series a shot as I can. Though since it is way too time-consuming for me to give all series a fair shot, I settle for at least simply watching the first episode.

After having watched the first episode of a series I write down one single word to try to express my experience with the episode. I've previously shared a few hundred of these one-word "reviews" and I thought it was time for another round of sharing the words since it has been a long time since I last did so.

Here this round of one-word reviews goes:

Saving Grace - Unappealing
Granite Flats - Unimpressive
Mr. Robot - Intriguing
Aquarius - Okay
Stitchers - Unexpected
UnREAL - Impressive
The Whispers - Interesting
Sense8 - Breathtaking
Killjoys - Interesting
Dead Like Me - Original
Dark Matter - Fascinating
Ascension - Curious
The Fall - Slow
Scream - Expected
Sword Art Online - Interesting
Proof - Clever
Zoo - Different
Another Period - Stupid
Humans - Important
The Astronaut Wives Club - Uneventful
The Code - Unimpressive
Dig - Peculiar
American Odyssey - Exciting
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp - What?!?!?
Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters - Promising
Dominion - Unconvincing
Fear the Walking Dead - Improved
Strange Empire - Okay
Madam Secretary - Admirable
Blindspot - Convincing
Minority Report - Underwhelming
Scream Queens - Excessive
Spooksville - Meh
Limitless - Better
Heroes Reborn - Acceptable
Quantico - Striking
Blood & Oil - Typical
Extant - Spectacular
Misfits - Entertaining
Ash vs Evil Dead - Unimpressive
Funny Girls - Comical
Agent X - Tolerable
Jessica Jones - Gritty
Master of None - Amateurish
Into the Badlands - Promising
Liv and Maddie - Artificial
River - Sad
South of Hell - Scrawl
The Expanse - Unconvincing
Flesh and Bone - Raw
Donny - Cheap
This Life - Decent
Intruders - Uncompelling
The Shannara Chronicles - Adequate
Shadowhunters - Reaching
Recovery Road - Reasonable
Colony - Unconvincing
Degrassi: Next Class - Terrible
Legends Of Tomorrow - Groovy
The Magicians - Ineffective
Lucifer - Entertaining
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles - Meh
Love - Refreshing
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Tolerable
Wynonna Earp - Unremarkable
The Catch - Okay
The Path - Unexciting
One Child - Emotional
Heartbeat - Effective
The Girlfriend Experience - Underwhelming
Containment - Semi-decent
The Detour - Stupid
Heartless - Unconvincing
Leverage - Entertaining
Witless - Idiotic
Submission - Smut
Marcella - Ineffectual
Outcast - Possible
Masters of Sex - Genuine
Preacher - Fascinating
Braindead - Peculiar
Tomorrow When the War Began - Rehash
The Last Tycoon - Calm
American Gothic - Okay
Escape the Night - Stupid
Queen of the South - Impressive
Bizaardvark - Exaggerated
The Night Of - Gripping
Guilt - Unlikely
Dead of Summer - Eventful
Day 5 - Amateurish
Roadies - Okay
American Crime Story - Intense
The Good Place - Cute
Lethal Weapon - Real
Designated Survivor - Typical
Fleabag - Sad
Son of Zorn - Absurd
Luke Cage - Unconvincing
Westworld - Captivating
Conviction - Typical
No Tomorrow - Unnecessary
Frequency - Fresh
Hooten and the Lady - Silly
Timeless - Doubtful
Falling Water - Reaching
Pitch - Refreshing
Notorious - Fierce
Glitch - Uncompelling
Rebellion - Dry
Narcos - Impressive
Class - Meh
The Crown - Potential
Casual - Fresh
Crazyhead - Peculiar
Wolf Creek - Interesting
Incorporated - Bleak
Good Behavior - Unappealing
Shooter - Unnecessary
The OA - Intriguing
Van Helsing - Typical
Paranoid - Curious
Doctor Foster - OK
Travelers - Curious
Sweet/Vicious - Surprising
Stan Against Evil - Bad
Pure Genius - Unconvincing
The Great Indoors - Bearable
Salem - Disappointing
Banshee - Uninspiring
The Man in the High Castle - Slow
11.22.63 - Maybe
Blue Eyes (Blå ögon) - Appealing
Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter - Decent
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Bizarre
Ransom - Ordinary
Beyond - Reaching
Emerald City - Underwhelming
Star - Solid
A Series of Unfortunate Events - Different
Riverdale - Intriguing
The Mick - Silly
Santa Clarita Diet - Stupid
You Me Her - Funny
Imposters - Unfulfilling
Mary Kills People - Mediocre
Legion - Bonkers
Big Little Lies - Unconvincing
Powerless - Bearable
Taken - Typical
Doubt - Average
Patriot - Strange
APB - Typical
Easy - Meh
Clique - Promising
Please Like Me - Awkward
24: Legacy - Expected
Making History - Ridiculous
Time After Time - Decent
The Good Fight - Powerful
Aftermath - Stretching
Iron Fist - Okay
13 Reasons Why - Curious
Oasis - Unsatisfying
Bellevue - Meh
Skam - Casual
Famous in Love - Artificial
Girlboss - Delightful
Harlots - Underwhelming
Dear White People - Fun
The Handmaid's Tale - Terrifying
Dimension 404 - Different
American Gods - Brutal
Anne with an E - Endearing
Crashing - Lame
GLOW - Retro
The Mist - Passable
Gypsy - Promising
Free Rein - Refreshing
Some Assembly Required - Idiotic
Castlevania - Brutal
Salvation - Cocky
Friends from College - Strained
The Bold Type - Bold
The Sinner - Unconvincing
Room 104 - Mediocre
Somewhere Between - Amateurish
I'm Sorry - Childish
The Guest Book - Pointless
The Good Wife - Impressive
Ozark - Curious
The Tick - Unexpected
Atypical - Mediocre
The Orville - Enjoyable
Project Mc2 - Cute
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams - Impressive
Strike - Meh
Star Trek: Discovery - Typical
The Good Doctor - Potential
Me, Myself & I - Tiresome
Channel Zero - Unconvincing
Inhumans - Grasping
The Gifted - Potential
Wisdom of the Crowd - Inadequate
Liar - Chilling
Absentia - Gloomy
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World - Spotty
Mindhunter - Artificial
Dynasty - Passable
Slasher - Average
Good Girls Revolt - Promising
Valor - Meh
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Brilliant
Freakish - Unsatisfying
The Worst Witch - Weak
The Exorcist - Doubtful
Alias Grace - Purposeful
The Punisher - Expected
Smilf - Blunt
Future Man- Overkill
Godless - Underwhelming
Runaways - Undeveloped
Dark - Dark
Land Girls - Typical
Happy! - Comical
Manhunt: Unabomber - Acceptable
Counterpart - Meticulous
La Casa de Papel - Potential
The End of the F***ing World - Special
Grown-ish - Forced
Black Lightning - Violent
The Chi - Unconvincing
9-1-1 - Formulaic
LA to Vegas - Unnecessary
One Day at a Time - Intolerable
The Alienist - Detailed
Hard Sun - Reaching
Britannia - Mediocre
The Resident - Terrible
Altered Carbon - Cocky
Waco - Building
Everything Sucks! - Potential
I Am Frankie - Tolerable
A.P. Bio - Ridiculous
Stargate Origins - Artificial
Mosaic - Slow
Alone Together - Hopeless
Re:Mind - Screaming
Seven Seconds - Gritty
Wanted - Meh
There's... Johnny! - Fair

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