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Engineer. Hobby photographer. Movie enthusiast. World traveler.
Engineer. Hobby photographer. Movie enthusiast. World traveler.


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The Photos I Take.
The other day I decided that I needed a Chromecast screensaver of my own photos, which made me realize I should probably make a single album for all my personal favorite photos that I take. A nights I did just that. I went through my photos shared to my Photography G+ collection and added most of them to a single album - which I'll try to keep adding new photos to as I capture more of the world.
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No more photos... here.
Google Photos has removed the "share to G+" feature so... no more photos on here.

I will continue adding the photos I take to my Google Photos album (, which you can follow - and sharing them on Twitter as well (

I guess that means this is my last post to my "Photography" G+ collection.
Catch you later - all 53,698 of you (or how few of you who've actually stuck around).
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Rambling The Princess Switch and Rambling.
Apparently there's a new movie on Netflix called The Princess Switch and from the first minute or so of the trailer (I stopped it because it sounded too stupid), this sounds like a slightly different take on The Parent Trap (which I loved) - heck, even the names are a bit similar.
Anyway, let's watch this... and write down my rambling stream of consciousness while doing so.

Here we go... <fingers crossed for this coming anywhere near being as amazing as The Parent Trap>

- - -

Ough, this is a Christmas flick. :-/

Is this a Hallmark movie? It sure looks like it, 30 seconds in.

Aww, that guy sure got a cute child.

This movie is surely wasting no minute setting up some major plot lines. We didn't even get 2 minutes in, before the movie force fed me what I expect to be a major part of the plot.

What kind of bakery with respect for itself sells ginger cookie men?

And now for the vague and magically sounding comment from that wizardly looking man on the street... at 4 minutes in. Damn, this movie sure moves fast.

Is a mouse king the same as a rat king?

Wait, has Baker Girl invited her employee and his daughter on a Christmas vacation to a really charming and magical Christmas village? Sure, that's kind of her.

And the wizard is back!

Wait, where is this magical Christmas village? They refer to Baker Girl as being "from the states" - so, where exactly is this place with all the other American-sounding people and various other people with fake-sounding accents?

Wait, is this magical winter wonderland... Canada?


Duchess of Monterey? Or what? What kinda place is this?

Miss Duchess sure is speaking in a very, very weird accent. Kinda sounds made up.

Why is Baker Girl more surprised by Miss Duchess asking her for a favor than Miss Duchess looking EXACTLY LIKE THIS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY?

This guy's daughter sure is into the thought of her father getting together with Baker Girl.

And now here's kinda forcing the main concept of the plot on me. It all feels like Miss Duchess had this planned all along - though that’s probably not the case (because what would be too much to expect of this movie).

This movie is kinda really, really terrible and artificial so far. Or is just me?

I'm confused. How is it that Vanessa Hudgens' acting is kinda decent as Baker Girl, but kinda terrible as Miss Duchess? Bad writing, perhaps?

Wait, is her double a white girl?

Well, this is shit. Even worse so when I compare it to The Parent Trap.

We are only 20 minutes in, and every aspect of the story has already been set up and all the wheels has been set into motion. This movie is really rushing things and not giving time for the viewer to get any attachment to the characters at all.

Oooh, Miss Duchess (in disguise) might got the hots for Normal Guy. And she is engaged to Mr. Privileged.

This butler woman might be the best thing in this (terrible) movie so far. Wise and kind. I didn't catch her name though (as with all the other characters), so I'll just think of her as Miss Alfred.

What kinda weird old movie or fairy tale is Baker Girl (in disguise) getting her accent and demeanor from?

This is painful to watch. I have been waiting for the heart of the movie to start showing itself, but no sign of it so far. Please don't let me waste my time on a heartless, stupid, badly written, cliché-filled, piece-of-shit of a movie; at least let it have heart.

Argh, even Miss Duchess (in disguise) is painful to watch.

WHAT? They stole the secret handshake part from The Parent Trap. That is an disgrace and insult to such a masterpiece.

They can't even get the camera focus right - during a long hallway shot - in slow motion. That shot looked quite terrible.

There's an whole hour left? I'm not sure I can handle that.

Again with a completely terrible scene - in so many way.

Fuck this - this movie is downright awful. I'm calling it quits and skipping to the end.

At the end. Oh, she (not sure which of them) won the competition. Oh - what a surprise. /s

"There's two of you???" - worst climax ever.

Wait, that sounded wrong. Meh, I don't care - this movie is just too stupid.

And it all seems to end exactly as everyone expected. Sigh.

This is perhaps the most unnecessary movie I've ever watched.

Argh, for fuck sake. This is so cliché in the worst way possible. And they're using all the cliché phrases and behavior - all in the same scene.

And, yep, it just keeps going.

I kinda need to add a disclaimer by now: I love good romantic movie - no matter how cliché they are. But this? Pure crap in every single way.

And, like that, the movie is over. Damn, what a waste of time and otherwise decent actors. Sigh.

Last word of advice: Don’t waste your time with this movie; it’ll just encourage Netflix to make more like it, which is waste of everyone’s time and money.

- - -

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Twitter thread about the weird stuff in my apartment.
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Mountain Path View.
This was the beautiful view on the way down a mountain on one of my hikes in Colorado this past June.
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Fluffy's New Bird Friend (Twitter).
Seen as +Fluffy McSharkah Khan has migrated (fled) to Twitter, I thought it'd be fitting to create a little (big) bird friend for Fluffy. Here is an album of my process of doing so - with a far better result that I had expected.

Fluffy's Twitter:
My Twitter:
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Me, trying to share a bottle of champagne, with Fluffy's new "friend."
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Watching Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and Rambling in Joy.
I stopped the trailer halfway through. I didn't need anymore to make up my mind. I knew; this was a movie I just had to see.
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) is the sequel to a movie I watched on a transatlantic flight some years back - and which the trailer for invoked even more joy than the first movie.
So, let us see if my fuss is justified.

Here we go (again)...

- - -

Or, as the title card says - MAMMA MIA! Here we go again!

This is already joyous. ABBA songs are just amazing.

I think I only remember the very primary gist of the first movie. Can I follow the plot of the sequel without fully remembering the first movie?

Wait, what happened to three-time-Oscar-winner Meryl Streep? Why are they hanging a giant photo of her on the wall and talking about her in the past tense? :’-(

Singing ABBA as your graduation speech. You go, girl!

Full ABBA outfits underneath your graduation gowns. Awesome.

Plot twist. The girl, singing about kissing her teacher, is not referring to the uncomfortable looking male teacher, but rather the female teacher.

And that song was immediately followed by the girl disappointingly saying: "She didn't come!!! She didn't come." - Though later revealed to not be about the teacher she kissed; what a tease of a film. I love it. :-P

Let me guess. She is going to Greece?

They seem drunk.

Very, very drunk.

Even instrumental ABBA sounds amazing.

The plot-line to make sure the present time guy love-interest isn't there does seem kinda rushed. Though, it worked; he's not there - it’s just the women. :-)

Damn. I forgot how much I love ABBA songs. Reminds me of that day in Prague, where three guys from uni where dancing and singing ABBA songs in an empty train/gondola car to much confusion of the conductor.

These women are bargaining over how much of this man they each will get in percentage.

I think the plot is coming back to me now. Young Streep is going to sleep with three men - resulting in her getting pregnant and one of the men realizing he is gay. And, as far as I know, we never learn who the father is - 'cause, it doesn't really matter. I do however wonder, which guy will turn out to be gay.

Even the old man playing piano in a restaurant in France decades ago is playing ABBA.

Okay, this is the gay one, right? Because, damn, this is damn gay and damn beautiful. :'-D

Oh, he's really playing that baguette... and taking it to his mouth?

Again with taking phallic objects up to his face.

This musical number is amazing - and with some truly hilarious shenanigans going on.

Ah, Bill seems nice. Is he Scandinavian?

Oh, ya. He's Swedish. Fitting.

There's so much joy in this movie. It's amazing.

Wait, what is this? An ABBA song I haven't heard before? What?!?!

Who is this guy? I can't tell if he is 20 or 50.

Heh. To be fair though, the girl he was chasing might be 20 or 50 too.

These transitions between present time and back-then are seamless.

Headline: Girl Just Want to Have Fun; Utterly Ruins Staircase.

Wow, this all of a sudden became very dramatic.

Ah, shit. Her party is ruined. :-(

I really dig how Young Streep is the one in control, the one taking initiative, and the one driving the story forward. The guys - are just - kinda - there. Decorations, if you may. Fitting.

ABBA musicals are some of the best kinds of musicals.

Wait, weren't some internet people having a debate some time back about whether or not these Mamma Mia movies were musicals or not, since the characters actually know they are singing, and not just singing about what is happening without knowing they’re singing? Or am I confused and that debate was actually about something else?

Here we have Young Streep yet again saying that she never sleeps with guys right away - after she has slept with three different guys in three days (one of which got her pregnant (spoilers!) and one of which turned out be gay). Girl, you need to own your decisions. You're just living your best life and need no excuses.

Young Streep is really looking and moving a lot like three-time-Oscar-winner Meryl Streep. This is some good casting.

Goat reaction shot, followed by goat chase scene. Perfection!

Dude. You screwed up. Big time.

They are really making the best of already amazing ABBA songs. This is a very fitting duet - which I can't even remember if originally were a duet.

This suddenly feels like an anime version of the auction scene from Phantom of the Opera. What?

Wait, what? The guy from Thor got, like, really obese. Eh?

AH! It wasn't him. It was his TWIN! What a twist!

She's riding backwards on a horse while dragging along an ass on a rope after her. There's a joke in there somewhere.

I squee a little every time a new ABBA song starts. Having an ABBA musical bless our lives is really something to be thankful for. :'-)

Mamma Mia - here I go again. THIS IS JUST TOO DAMN AMAZING!

Romantically referring to scattering someone's ashes, who you don't even know yet, is just a bit too much.

Oh - I would be remissed if I didn't mention how amazing Christine Baranski is in this. A perfect fit.

I think I might love this movie even more than the first one.

WHAT? Christine Baranski elegantly and effortlessly jumping over a table completely took me by surprise.

By the way, Greece is more beautiful than I remember. Wait, have I been to Greece?

This old Greek lady is amazing and hilarious! "It's called karma and it's pronounced HA!"

I still haven't solved the mystery about which of these three men, each having slept with Young Streep in the same week, who is the... gay one.

Three women with their three soulmates - carbs, wine, and the sky.

I really hope this movie was as much fun to film as it looks like. Boats filled with dancing, happy people. Boatloads of fun!

A group of people dancing down a road to meet groups of dancing people, arriving by sailboats, all coming together with a giant dance on the beach. AMAZING!

Aww. Everything about this movie is utterly amazing. I love it. :'-)

Return of old Greek lady! She was apparently the one who sat all of this into motion in the first place!!! (Wait, did she age at all in those ~30 years?)

Yep, this is definitely managing to top the first movie. :-)

Yep, it has everything. Even an overly-dramatic last-minute entrance-by-helicopter diva moment with motherfucking CHER!!!

Awww! They got together! Well, in addition to everyone else who got together.

Also, who is Cher in all of this?

Oh, the grandmother.

Wait, how young is this great-grandmother? 'Cause she looks kinda young to be a great-grandmother.

They really know how to use the ABBA songs for maximum effect. This is a damn perfect movie.

It doesn't come much more close to the perfect musical than this.

No. What a twist! Cher and Fernando (whose first name I don't think we knew) getting a duet. There's something in the air tonight. :-)

The look of awe and joy in the eyes of the bystanders is truly amazing. So amazing. (I truly hope it was just the actors’ honest reaction - ‘cause it doesn’t seem unlikely at all.)

I really, really, really love that these two Mamma Mia movies don't at all try to insinuate that one of the three fathers are the "correct" one. All three of them are equally her dad. Just as it should be.

Christine Baranski instructing a man that he will find happiness again (completely referring to herself) is damn straight gangsta of her.

This is such a complete movie. Any other sequel pales in comparison.

YAY!!! O.G. STREEP IS IN THE HOUSE!!! Singing from beyond the grave. :'-)

Hey girl in the background, being so excited to see Streep and Young Streep duet that your eyes are almost literal hearts and you keep biting your lip: Me also. Me also.

Wait, what is this? A post-movie number? Okay - I'm so here for this!

You go, girl! This is filling me with so much joy.


I don't even care what anyone else says; this is definitely one of the absolutely best movies of 2018! So. Damn. Perfect.

Young and "old" Christine Baranski singing together and me not being able to tell them apart just show how amazing casting this movie has.

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a masterpiece of a movie. FUCK! This was so, so, so much better than I ever dared to hope for. Truly a magnificent piece of cinema that only people who are dead inside can deny the greatness of. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I don't know how to end this; I am truly in awe of how much joy this movie has made me feel. I’m so thankful for the experience and so confused as what to do with myself now - as in this very moment; perhaps putting ABBA in my ears and taking a bike ride?

If you haven't watched Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018), I can only say that you really to do so. Get you (and perhaps some friends together), put it on a screen with some great speakers and let the experience embrace you. You won't regret it.

YAY! YAY! YAY! Post-credit scene with one of the best side-characters getting to sing a song, perfect for him. YAY!

... and like that the movie is over; and I've put in my earphones and am rocking along to ABBA's greatest hits, as I take my bike down to the store to buy some (more) white wine, because, hot damn, this feeling is worth keeping flowing. :-)

Thank you, movie.

- - -

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Sigh. Fluffy coming back just to fly the coop to another nest is no surprise at all.
Resurrection in a Ghost Town!
I'm back!!!

So... What's up?


Wait, what is this? They're shutting down the Ghost Town... because someone spilled the beans and didn't spill the beans on spilling the beans? Mmm... Beans.

I think I'm hungry.

So - if I'm a ghost in Ghost Town and they're shutting down Ghost Town, causing me to resurrect myself - does that mean... that... I'm... A POLTERGEIST OF A DISTURBED BURIAL GROUND?!?! Or a God? (Oh, we all know that.)

Wait, what now then? Should I allow that other network the joy of experiencing my glorious presence? Nah.

Though, what is that thing? A chicken? Mmm...
Wait, not a chicken? But still some kind of non-denominational bird? Sure - whatever, I'll take it. Also, I'll travel 4 years back in time to join, to not be a late joiner. HA!
This is me now (and after Ghost Town is shut down):

Fluffy out!
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Bridge to Underwater.
This area used to be a park, where you'd walk over small ponds. Apparently, when they created the park they didn't take climate change into account - 'cause the whole area is now under water.
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