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Haley Holt
Social Media Specialist + Sunshine Enthusiast.
Social Media Specialist + Sunshine Enthusiast.

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Don't pay $15 for a Surf Wax candle-- make your own.


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46 Experts Share Their Top Social Media Management Tools
and CircleCount is one of these tools

What an honor!
We didn't make the Top 5 but hey, we got mentioned by the first person in this list: the great +martin shervington.
I don't think that's coincidence ;)

Congratulations +HootSuite and +Buffer!
+Adam Connell thanks for putting this together! This looks like a lot of work.

+Friends+Me and +NOD3x you are also here ;)

#socialmediatools   #experts  

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That's right, it's National Nachos Day! Celebrate with this Spicy Nacho Bake Recipe shared by Anita Wilson of Mansfield, Ohio.

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Find more Nacho Recipes >

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This would happen in San Diego.

#SanDiego #GoogleGlass  
This woman got the world's first ticket for driving with Google Glass:

#google   #googleglass   #driving  

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+Sarah Johnson can you think of anyone who might want 15 minutes of kitten playtime in our office?
The taxi-hailing app Uber announced a promotion for National Cat Day, promising 15 minutes of kitten playtime delivered right to your office:

How popular has this promotion been? So popular that there's an Uber cat shortage in New York City.

#uber   #nationalcatday   #cats   #kittens  

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Social Media Facts in 2013

46 Amazing Social Media Facts in 2013
#socialmedia   #infographic   #socialmediamarketing  
Social media in the  beginning was viewed as something teenagers did. After school they rushed to their rooms started up the computer and logged into Myspace. Remember that social network?

Facebook changed the game and the college students became the social media demographic sweet spot. Twitter then showed up and most people didn’t know what to do with it.

Questions bubbled up in many minds.

What do I do with 140 characters? Do I tell people what I am doing and where I am going? What is this URL link shortening thing? Do I follow everyone back? What is this hashtag doing on my screen?

The list goes on.

Social media is a work in progress
We were all trying to work out the social media rules of engagement, the etiquette and the manners. That is still a work in progress.

Some marketers, bloggers  and business dived in early while others dipped their toes at the edges. Everyone knew something was happening but weren't quite sure if it was a passing fad or a generation changing trend.

That was 2008. It seems a social media lifetime ago.

In  2013 Facebook connects 1 in 2 people on the social web, has paid $1 billion for Instagram and become a public company. Twitter is going public and Pinterest has moved the pinboard from the kitchen wall to the web.

Social media marketing is moving from a free and wild west frontier to a “pay to play” model if you want to reach your audience in significant numbers. Facebook pushes us to pay to promote to obtain any meaningful attention and Twitter evolves it’s self service advertising interface and features.

We sort of knew that the freebies would start to end.

Read more at 

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As a company or brand- you should have a social media policy.


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Cheetos just might TP your house!

#Cheetos #GoogleMaps  
Cheetos has worked with Google on a new Google Maps and Street View project that lets users toilet paper everything from your neighbor's house to famous landmarks:

#cheetos   #google   #googlemaps   #googlestreetview  

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"Comfortably fits two turkey sandwiches... this thing goes on for inches." Ron Burgundy referring to the glove department and of course, staying classy!

The only thing better than Will Ferrell doing brilliantly stupid ads as Will Ferrell? Will Ferrell doing brilliantly stupid ads as Ron Burgundy.

#BurgundyDodge #WillFerrell #RonBurgundy #Dodge #Ads  
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