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Today is the ‪Black Cat Appreciation Day‬. Well, in my house this is everyday...but then again how can I refuse those eyes! ‪#‎Blackcats‬ are often overseen in shelters because of their my own experience, my black cat has brought me so much laughs, smiles and happiness. :) They are mini-panthers...what is there not to love!! Adopt black cats! You wont be sorry! (also they make excellent witch's helpers! (photo taken +Rene Moini  <3

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Will be in London for a couple of days (Wednesday and Thursday) as +Rene Moini  is participating in this exhibition. Do drop by if you are in London, would love to say hello! :)
#portrait   #exhibition  

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It has been a while I have painted, and well having numb fingers and hands again has not made it any easier either...but painting has always been really therapeutic for me, and lets face it I have to do something. So I started om a really large canvass about 6 weeks ago, and its now finished. I call it "the Sigh". One of +Rene Moini photographs which I really love was the main subject, I interpreted my way, with a bit Iranian miniature a la Mahmoud Farshchian thrown in.
Wish you all a lovely #friday! :)

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... it is #friday  after all. Enjoy, some great music and some amazing dancing.  :D

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  #onthisday   according to Biruni, it was a day where women rested and men had to bring them gifts. 
alas: " سپندارمذگان " ؛ روز عشق و عشاق بر همگی خجسته باد. or in English happy Sepandārmazgān, the Iranian day of celebrating love, or as it was also called  mard-giran (possessing of men).

In short ladies, if you have a man, you better be resting and he praising you, and if you dont have one, go and get one, you can today, its allowed! ;)

The painting is : "Enchanted" by Mahmoud Farshchian.

Read more blow!
In the section about Persian calendar, Biruni writes in The Remaining Signs of Past Centuries that:

“ On the 5th day or Isfahdmah-Roz (day of Isfand), there is a feast on account of the identity of the names of the month and the day. Isfandarmah is charged with the care of the earth and with that the good, chaste, and beneficient wife who loves her husband. In the past times, this was a special feast of the women, when the men used to make them liberal presents. This custom is still flourishing in Ispahan, Ray, and in other districts of Fahla. In Persian it is called Mardgiran. ”
Furthermore, Biruni notes that on this day, commoners ate raisins and pomegranate seeds. According to Gardizi, this celebration was special for women, and they called this day also mard-giran (possessing of men).

Happy #valentinesday2016   gang. :)


Love is old Valentine cards,
forgotten in a box.
Love is old dusty teddy bears bearing hearts on their sleeves.
Love is a stroke of luck.
Love is that ray of light in the dark.
What's love, 
except a risk of ones heart and soul.
 Love is a smile that lingers on and on.
 Love is an embrace that never ends.

Love, love is tears... Love is dead.
Love is a bunch of old valentine cards...
Is love a big heart shaped red box filled with heart shaped chocolates?

Love for me,
 was homemade lobster thermidor,
served with a smile.
Love for me,
was watching a thriller on the tv,
followed by a cold bed at night.

Love for me,
is your fire, 
which melted away the fears. 
Happy Valentine."

From Burning, A Collection of Lyric Poetry, HM Brooks 

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A titbit of my Poetry book (yes..not strictly archaeology I know!) :)
I published a Poetry about one year ago, its my first published work in this genre. :) here is a few pages of it. Enjoy! :)

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Was away visiting the old country...and was shocked to return to a torn France... and I most say I agree with #Saadi  
"Of One Essence is the Human Race,      
Thusly has Creation put the Base.      
One Limb impacted is sufficient,      
For all Others to feel the Mace.      
The Unconcern'd with Others' Plight,      
Are but Brutes with Human Face. "
Translation by Dr. Iraj Bashiri
...remembering all those humans killed by terrorists in the last 100 years...

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Here I am sitting and looking through some amazing artwork, to find some inspiration to paint. And mine...I found some...actually lots. :) feast your eyes on the beautiful artwork of Master Mahmoud Farshchian .

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday. 
#fineart   #Iranianart  
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