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Hala Ali
Digital Marketer working to help small and mid-sized enterprises create their brand identity.
Digital Marketer working to help small and mid-sized enterprises create their brand identity.


A client has been having issues with the #GoogleChrome browser. Files downloaded from a secure site by their clients as being tagged as 'uncommon' files maybe infected with malware. The site is clean, #Google webmaster gives the alert and then removes it. Solutions? I am looking at the certificate for any way to resolve the issue any suggestions would be appreciated. Client servers allows: Jpg, png, pdf & zip downloads.
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O be truly impartial Yelp must change its algorithm and ensure that while fake reviews are taken off, valid reviews stay on its pages. There is nothing more frustrating to a small business working hard to have such review sites strain their muscle, simply for more traffic from businesses...

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Looking for Social Entrepreneurs
For a client website we are looking to feature a social entrepreneur from Asia or Europe for the blog.

A write up will be done on someone with an established organization giving back to the community in some way. If you know of anyone or would like to highlight your own venture e-mail me by 4/48 with names and brief descriptions.

An example of the type of write ups done is attached as a link.

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Social Media for Small Business Enterprises
SBE need to harness the power of social media.
- The first step is to familiarize yourself with the various platforms.
- The second step involves identifying at least three platforms that  best fit your industry and marketing goals.
- The third step is actively using the platforms.

Yes, you can use more platforms but if you want to be successful on social media you mus remain active. It is sometimes impossible to be active if you, as the business owner, are managing the platforms.

If you are lucky enough to have a SEM on your team then go all out.

The article below will help you understand the platforms you need to have a presence on!

#smallbusinessmarketing #smallbiz #smallbusinesstips #businesstips  
Social media is still very influential, and it is high time for marketers to leverage a diverse array of platforms to discover better business opportunities. If you haven’t been in the bandwagon yet, check these numbers out.

Don’t get left behind.

Read more :

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You realize its OK not to reach for your phone or laptop when on vacation especially if you are in Jamaica. Island time works different and when you come back to NJ to have a small snow shower in March-you appreciate it even more!
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One of my clients has marketers who post relevant articles from their blog to different communities. They have a personal profile and a company profile. Recently their community feeds have suddenly stopped appearing in the relevant community pages. They post from the company page with no issues. Their personal pages shares seem to have either delayed appearance or not at all. The kicker is if you view by clicking on the community name when logged in they can see the share.

Anyone have insight. I have checked all settings and they are good, plus I know they do not spam?

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