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My short story is in an anotholgy! Get it today!

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My zipper pull hack instructable was featured! Boom!

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+Amy T Schubert  says cut, and I do, but then end up adding over 700 words. I think I was right the first time. There is something wrong with me.

On the plus side, I'm about THIS CLOSE to being done. That feels really good.

So apparently Google+ is shit for searching. A while back a bunch of people were recommending a specific site for purchasing domain names, and it wasn't godaddy. What was it? Thanks!

Don't know if it's normal or not (I have a feeling that it is not), but I just finished the revisions based off of my peer review and I've added almost 700 words (net). Now I'm up around 9300 words and I HOPE the story is much tighter. Out of the frying pan, into the flame, as they say.

AAAAAAnd the A/C is broken at work. PEACE OUT

Just finished the rough of my anthology story. 8739 words. That should come down in my first round of edits. +Cathy Pelham +Eric Pierce. Everything's on track here!

Here's another question. When you're setting up your writing business, how do you go about it? Do you just use your name, or do you build a business for it, complete with bank account and all the rest? Or is there something in between? I'm getting closer to releasing my first novella and it seems I should have this stuff set up beforehand... not that I can't set it up further in the future, but it makes sense to do as much of this beforehand as I can. Thanks in advance!
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