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RWANDART - Coffee Pickers - Café Simba, Kigali: Verdant, mountainous Rwanda is the most densely populated country of Africa (450 people/ 7m of its 10m people are engaged in agriculture in small family farms where its delicious coffee and tea forms an important cash crop and renowned export. With a tip of the fragrant cup to all friends in #coffeethursday +Coffee Thursday +Jason Kowing +Cheryl Cooper #Coffee #Rwanda #Art #Rwandart
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RwandArt? Very creative sir, very creative. Is the image a relief type piece or just painted? It appears the faces, hands and arms have a raised texture or something... I wanna touch it!
Slow Service makes room for meandering Reflections,* Dear +Xristoph Cvetanov : Indeed The raised surfaces consist of, you guessed it, Coffee Beans "Sir" is mostly "Surly" waiting for the fragrant cup to arrive!! Best!
This is a master piece of red fresh beans!
Very nice pic +Hal Carim for these farmers are given their personality to coffeeplant !
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